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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


As scheduled the meeting of JCA with the Revenue Secretary is held and over. JCA leadership, Member(P) and PDGIT(HRD) were also present. The outcome is as under:

1. RS expressed that the issue of stagnation in ITO cadre is serious and needs to be addressed and also expressed his concern.
2. RS asked both the Board and JCA to find solution on this issue through discussion.
3. JCA explained the delay in holding of DPCs and asked for more posts in ACIT cadre for promotion quota through GFR 254 and other means for removing stagnation.
4. RS expressed and directed to work out the modalities to reduce the stagnation to not more than 12 years.
5. RS directed the Member(P) to ensure DPC for 2014-15 immediately. He also directed to ensure immediate vacation of CAT stay.
6. RS directed to complete DPC for 2015-16 thereafter and also start preparing DPC for 2016-17 so that all the DPCs could be completed by March 2016.
7. RS directed Member(P) to put up the proposal at the earliest for more vacancies in ACIT cadre for promotion, be it GFR or otherwise.
8. RS asked JCA to withdraw the agitation immediately. He told that our problems will be addressed. JCA can meet him at any time. He expressed that PM wants the senior authorities to be take proper care of employees problems but the employees should also work with sincerely. He told that this agitation has given him bad name.
9. RS had to go somewhere but he directed the Member to continue meeting with JCA and draw some agreeable conclusion. 
10. The Member was told by JCA that addressing stagnation was our priority and there can be no settlement if stagnation issue is not addressed irrespective whether DPC is held early.
11. The Member(P) told that he will meet RS again and will fixed another meeting of JCA with him.

After the meeting, The Central JCA decided to suspend the ongoing agitational programme for a period of three weeks in view of assurances given to JCA for redressal of demands and directions given to CBDT by the Revenue Secretary. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Agitation of ITEF, Delhi Circle Postponed

After announcement of agitational program on the matter of implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department, now the JCA Delhi has decided to withhold the agitation starting from 19.3.2014 till further information.
As per the information gathered, the Member (P & V), CBDT has called the ITEF, Delhi Circle to meet and discuss the matter on 18.3.2013. In the meeting she has intimated that official meeting with the Secretary (Revenue) has been fixed for 19.3.2014 and assured that the Board is making all out efforts to expedite the implementation of the Cadre Restructuring and requested to postpone the agitation till the outcome of the said presentation with the Revenue Secretary. It is also informed that the assurance given by the Member (P & V), CBDT is conveyed in writing to the ITEF, Delhi Circle through the office of the CCIT (CCA), New Delhi.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lunch time demonstration on 12.03.2014 : JCA, ITEF & ITGOA

JCA, ITEF & ITGOA will protest against the callous attitude of CBDT on implementation of cadre restructuring of Income Tax. It is decided by JCA to protest by lunch time demonstration on 12.03.2014 at all CCIT and CIT stations.
Read the full content of circular of JCA, dated 05.03.2014

“Dear Comrades
You are aware that the Central Board of Direct Taxes has finalised and approved the allocation of 20751 additional posts sanctioned by the Government for restructuring of the Department. The Board, according to the signing off message on the wee hours of the Chairpersons superannuation, has sent the proposal to the Hon'ble Finance Minister for his approval on 28th Feb. In 2014 . The present position, it is learnt is that the same may be returned within a few days after approval for notification and implementation.

            The JCA, representing about 95% of the personnel in the Department and shouldering all the core responsibilities of completion of assessments, Revenue Collection, widening tax base etc. came to know the above development from the Website. In this context you may recall the ITEF Circular No. 38 dated 18.01.2014, wherein we have detailed the discussion with the Member (P & V) and other officials had with the representatives of JCA on 16th and 17th January, 2014 on the implementation of Cadre Restructuring and allocation of post. The focus of discussion in that meeting was to find out a solution and settlement of the differences arising out of the two reports made by the Committee constituted by the Board (Sub-Committee No. 1 and Core Committee) and the proposal of the Income Tax Employees Federation on allocation of posts. As intimated in the above circular, the meeting was concluded on the basis of an assurance that the Board will come out with its stand as regards the basis of allocation of posts and other matters and revert to the leaders of JCA for discussion before finalisation. In yet another meeting the representatives of ITEF had with the Chairperson, Member (P & V) & other officials on 20th February, 2014, the assurance of discussion with us as soon as the CBDT finalise its proposal was reiterated. On 21st February, 2014 also, the Member (P & V), while addressing the Inaugural Session of the ITGOA Biennial General Meeting at Chennai, assured the entire delegates and leaders of both the organisation that the basis of allocation of posts is being worked out and will be subjected to discussion with the JCA before finalisation. In its letter dated 24th February, 2014, the ITGOA, again requested the Chairperson to cause discussion with the Representative of JCA before finalisation.

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            The above action on the part of the CBDT authorities is clear infringement of understanding and violation of principles of bilateral agreements. This attitude of the CBDT in totally ignoring the recognised organisation which represent the majority of the personnel in the Department and duplicity of words deserve strongest condemnation. The Leaders of the JCA met in New Delhi today and took stock of the situation arising out of the callous attitude of the CBDT in dealing with the aspirations of the Personnel, decided to lodge our protest in the form of a Demonstration and also to bring our protest to the knowledge of the authorities by sending a savingram. Therefore, we request the Circle / Unit leadership to stage this protest Demonstration during the lunch recess on 12th March, 2014 at all CCIT and CIT Stations and adopt and send the Savingram to the Chairman, CBDT in the enclosed format.”

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The first meeting of the National Secretariat of the CONFEDERATION OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES & WORKERS  was held at New Delhi on 22.07.2013. Com. K. K. N. Kutty, National President, presided.

The main highlights and decisions of the National Secretariat meeting are as under :-

15 Pointes charter of demands and future course of action:-

The meeting decided to organize independent campaign and agitational programmes culminating in indefinite strike. The specific decisions were:
(i) To organize state level joint strike conventions of C-o-C with the participation of all affiliated unions/Associations/Federations during the month of August 2013. Whereever the C-O-C functioning is not satisfactory or has no participation of district units, efforts must be taken to revamp the committee.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Meeting of JCA rescheduled on 29.07.2013 on cadre restructuring issues

Meeting of the Joint Council of Action (ITEF & ITGOA) is rescheduled on 29th July, 2013, at New Delhi to consider the following agenda items:-

1. Cadre Restructuring Implementation and related issues,