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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


As scheduled the meeting of JCA with the Revenue Secretary is held and over. JCA leadership, Member(P) and PDGIT(HRD) were also present. The outcome is as under:

1. RS expressed that the issue of stagnation in ITO cadre is serious and needs to be addressed and also expressed his concern.
2. RS asked both the Board and JCA to find solution on this issue through discussion.
3. JCA explained the delay in holding of DPCs and asked for more posts in ACIT cadre for promotion quota through GFR 254 and other means for removing stagnation.
4. RS expressed and directed to work out the modalities to reduce the stagnation to not more than 12 years.
5. RS directed the Member(P) to ensure DPC for 2014-15 immediately. He also directed to ensure immediate vacation of CAT stay.
6. RS directed to complete DPC for 2015-16 thereafter and also start preparing DPC for 2016-17 so that all the DPCs could be completed by March 2016.
7. RS directed Member(P) to put up the proposal at the earliest for more vacancies in ACIT cadre for promotion, be it GFR or otherwise.
8. RS asked JCA to withdraw the agitation immediately. He told that our problems will be addressed. JCA can meet him at any time. He expressed that PM wants the senior authorities to be take proper care of employees problems but the employees should also work with sincerely. He told that this agitation has given him bad name.
9. RS had to go somewhere but he directed the Member to continue meeting with JCA and draw some agreeable conclusion. 
10. The Member was told by JCA that addressing stagnation was our priority and there can be no settlement if stagnation issue is not addressed irrespective whether DPC is held early.
11. The Member(P) told that he will meet RS again and will fixed another meeting of JCA with him.

After the meeting, The Central JCA decided to suspend the ongoing agitational programme for a period of three weeks in view of assurances given to JCA for redressal of demands and directions given to CBDT by the Revenue Secretary. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

ITEF's New Circular on Various issues

INCOME TAX EMPLOYEES FEDERATION, New Dehli has issued a new circular on the minutes of secretariat meeting held on 23.07.2014. Issues of Memorandum to VII CPC, Diversion of Cadre Restructuring posts and other various issues were discussed in the meeting. The contents of the circular is as under

The extended Secretariat meeting was held on 23.7.2014 at Manishinath Bhawan, New Delhi.  The meeting was presided over by Com. Ashok B Salunkhe, President.  The following decisions were taken in the meeting.

Memorandum to VII-CPC. The Secretary General, Com. KP Rajagopal, initiating the discussion outlined the principle and logics of our approach adopted in the draft memorandum circulated for wider discussions in the Circles.  The Secretariat approved the same and authorised the CHQ to submit the final memorandum to the VII- Central Pay Commission. 

Diversion of Cadre Restructuring Posts: The secretariat discussed the draft proposal circulated by the CHQ for diversion of some posts in the cadres of ITOs and ITIs to deficient circles.  In the light of reservation expressed by few circles, the meeting authorised the President and Secretary General to sort out the issue and finalise the proposal to be taken up with the CBDT within a months’ time.

All India Delegates Conference. As decided in the last All India Conference held at Mehsana in the month of February, 2012, the next All India Delegates Conference will be held at Guwahati.  The General Secretary of NE Circle Com. Subir Majumdar informed the Secretariat that the Circle has begun the preparatory work.  The Conference will be held on 19th to 22nd February, 2015 and the accommodation for the delegates will be available from the forenoon of 18th February to forenoon of 23rdFebruary, 2015.  Taking into consideration the huge responsibility given to a small circle and the expenditure involved in organising the Conference, the Secretariat decided to appeal to all Circles to provide financial help to the NE Circle  by obtaining advertisement to the proposed Souvenir to be published on the occasion.  The Secretariat also authorised the President and Secretary General to fix probable quota for collection of Advertisement to each circles.  The NE Circle has been requested to send sufficient number of tariff forms to the circles at the earliest.

Issues Pending with the Board  for resolution: The Secretary General explained the outcome of the last Quarterly Review Meeting held with the Chairman & Member (P) on 14th July, 2014.  The Secretary General indicated that other than ritualistic response, there had been no tangible outcome on the issues or visible change in the attitude of the Authorities.  Unless pressure through agitation is brought about, no improvement can be expected.  In view of the situation, the Secretariat decided to embark upon agitation and to start with, to have a lunch hour demonstration at the earliest in consultation with the ITGOA leadership, under the banner of JCA.

Change of name of ITEF AP Circle: The Secretariat noted on record the request made by the ITEF AP Circle Executive Committee through its resolution to change the name of ITEF AP Circle to ITEF, Andhra Pradesh & Telengana Circle in view of the bifurcation of the erstwhile State into two.

Confederation Sect. decisions: The Confederation National Secretariat which met on  17.07.2014             decided to submit a memorandum to the VII-CPC endorsing the Memorandum submitted by the JCM,Staff Side and incorporating the issues which are concerning the affiliates and require more emphasis.

West Bengal Solidarity Day: National Secretariat of Confederation adopted a resolution on the continued attack by hooligans on the working class especially the affiliated organisations of the Confederation of West Bengal and decided to organize “West Bengal Solidarity Day” on 27-08-2014 throughout the country.  Copy of the resolution is enclosed.  All the Circles are requested to organise programmes as decided by the   State COCs in a befitting manner."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lunch time demonstration on 12.03.2014 : JCA, ITEF & ITGOA

JCA, ITEF & ITGOA will protest against the callous attitude of CBDT on implementation of cadre restructuring of Income Tax. It is decided by JCA to protest by lunch time demonstration on 12.03.2014 at all CCIT and CIT stations.
Read the full content of circular of JCA, dated 05.03.2014

“Dear Comrades
You are aware that the Central Board of Direct Taxes has finalised and approved the allocation of 20751 additional posts sanctioned by the Government for restructuring of the Department. The Board, according to the signing off message on the wee hours of the Chairpersons superannuation, has sent the proposal to the Hon'ble Finance Minister for his approval on 28th Feb. In 2014 . The present position, it is learnt is that the same may be returned within a few days after approval for notification and implementation.

            The JCA, representing about 95% of the personnel in the Department and shouldering all the core responsibilities of completion of assessments, Revenue Collection, widening tax base etc. came to know the above development from the Website. In this context you may recall the ITEF Circular No. 38 dated 18.01.2014, wherein we have detailed the discussion with the Member (P & V) and other officials had with the representatives of JCA on 16th and 17th January, 2014 on the implementation of Cadre Restructuring and allocation of post. The focus of discussion in that meeting was to find out a solution and settlement of the differences arising out of the two reports made by the Committee constituted by the Board (Sub-Committee No. 1 and Core Committee) and the proposal of the Income Tax Employees Federation on allocation of posts. As intimated in the above circular, the meeting was concluded on the basis of an assurance that the Board will come out with its stand as regards the basis of allocation of posts and other matters and revert to the leaders of JCA for discussion before finalisation. In yet another meeting the representatives of ITEF had with the Chairperson, Member (P & V) & other officials on 20th February, 2014, the assurance of discussion with us as soon as the CBDT finalise its proposal was reiterated. On 21st February, 2014 also, the Member (P & V), while addressing the Inaugural Session of the ITGOA Biennial General Meeting at Chennai, assured the entire delegates and leaders of both the organisation that the basis of allocation of posts is being worked out and will be subjected to discussion with the JCA before finalisation. In its letter dated 24th February, 2014, the ITGOA, again requested the Chairperson to cause discussion with the Representative of JCA before finalisation.

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            The above action on the part of the CBDT authorities is clear infringement of understanding and violation of principles of bilateral agreements. This attitude of the CBDT in totally ignoring the recognised organisation which represent the majority of the personnel in the Department and duplicity of words deserve strongest condemnation. The Leaders of the JCA met in New Delhi today and took stock of the situation arising out of the callous attitude of the CBDT in dealing with the aspirations of the Personnel, decided to lodge our protest in the form of a Demonstration and also to bring our protest to the knowledge of the authorities by sending a savingram. Therefore, we request the Circle / Unit leadership to stage this protest Demonstration during the lunch recess on 12th March, 2014 at all CCIT and CIT Stations and adopt and send the Savingram to the Chairman, CBDT in the enclosed format.”

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

CR of Incocome Tax: Conclusion regarding allocation of posts next Week, ITEF's New Circular

As per the new circular issued by ITEF, Chairperson informed ITEF representatives that the discussion regarding allocation of posts is still not concluded and the same may be finalized in the next week. After the assurance of the Chairperson, the ongoing non cooperation movement is suspended for the time being. The full contents of the ITEF's Circular as under:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Circular of ITEF dated 13.12.2013 on Cadre Restructuring and other issues

Today ITEF issued a circular regarding Secretariat meeting held on 12.12.2013 on Cadre Restructuring, NR Parmar judgement and other issues. 

Cadre Restructuring : As stated by ITEF, the basis adopted for allocation of the posts by the sub-committee was not on a realistic basis and far from practicality.  ITEF further stated that the Committee has not accepted any of the parameters suggested by the federation.  The allocation made and submitted by ITEF on the basis of the formula adopted in the Working Committee Meeting was totally rejected by the Sub-Committee. Read related post on the matter :- Click here

Read the full contents of circular of ITEF below :

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Secretariat Meeting of the ITEF on cadre restructuring matter

Secretariat Meeting of the ITEF is scheduled on 27th September, 2013 at 10.00 AM at Aayakar Bhawan, Chowranghee Square, Kolkata, to discuss the following agenda.
1.     Discussion on the final allocation proposal based on the decisions of the last Sect Meeting held on 24th August, 2013 for implementation of the Cadre Restructuring.

2.    Consideration of the discussions/decisions of the Sub-Committees vis-a-vis our proposals with regard to the yardsticks of allocation of posts, Merger of Directorates and Recruitment Rules etc.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department : DPCs will be commenced shortly

As you are aware that cabinet has approved the cadre restructuring of Income Tax Department with creation of 20751 additional posts. Subsequently, a core committee and 7 sub-committees have been formed.

Now CBDT has directed to all Cadre controlling Authorities(CCA) to ensure the completion of APAR dossiers of the officers who may fall under zone of consideration for promotion to the next higher grade. DPCs for promotion will be commenced shortly.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Donation of One Day’s Salary by Income Tax Employees, Representation of ITEF and ITGOA in the subcommittee for Implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department

     Manishinath Bhawan A/2/95 Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi. 110 027.

Cir. No. 27/12-15                                               Dated: 8th July, 2013.

Dear Comrades,

                   Natural Calamity in Uttarakhand: It is needless to state here the horror and tragedy of the loss of human lives and unprecedented destruction of homes and livelihoods in the state of Uttarakhand during the foods, which continues to unfold even today.  It is known to all of us that hundreds of villages have also been washed away alongwith thousands of human lives. The Prime Minister appealed to all concerned that – “At this moment, the affected people need our help to tide over the calamity that has fallen upon them, to survive and to rebuild their lives.  I request all citizens of India to stand with our distressed fellow countrymen, and actively participate in the national effort to support them at this difficult time”.

               Responding to the appeal of the Prime Minister, the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers has called upon the entirety of Central Govt. Employees to donate one day’s salary to the Prime Minister Relief Fund and extend full support in rehabilitation and reconstruction. Accordingly, the ITEF calls upon all its members to donate one day salary for the above cause.  For faster and proper remittance of the fund, we have requested the Chairperson, CBDT to direct all the Chief Commissioners (CCA) to effect the deduction from the salary and remit the same to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund directly.  Copy of the letter addressed to the Chairperson is appended below.  We hope all our members, as they do always, will rise to the occasion and join our movement in providing support to them at this difficult time.

                   Cadre Restructuring & Implementation Committees: Please recall our message and copy of JCA”s letter addressed to the Chairperson, CBDT, placed on the website, wherein we have informed you that the Central Board of Direct Taxes has formed Core Committee and various sub-committees to implement the Cadre Restructuring proposal approved by the Cabinet, without giving representation to the JCA.  We have also requested all  of you not to involve or associate with such committees at Circle level till  our representatives are included in the apex Committee at Board level.  Today, on 8th July, 2013, in the open session of the ITGOA Managing Committee Meeting the Member (P&V), Member (Inv) and Member (Revenue) were present.  In the meeting both the undersigned and Secretary General of ITGOA raised this issued and conveyed our resentments.  In reply the Member (P&V) announced that the Board has already decided to include the representatives of the JCA  in all committees and at all levels.  The Committee at the apex level will be reconstituted within a week and all the Chief Commissioners have  been directed to include the JCA members in the Committees at that level also.  In view of this we have decided not to embark upon any agitation on this  issue and request all the Circle General Secretaries to nominate our representatives to the Committees that are being formed at the Charge level.

                   Recognition of ITEF & Verification of Membership: The recognition of ITEF under CCS RSA) Rules 1993 is to expire shortly.  For extension of the recognition is under consideration of the Board with fresh verification of the Membership.  On our request the Board has requested all Cadre Controlling Chief Commissioner vide their letter F No. B-12020/07/2013-Ad.IX dated 5th April, 2013, to verify the membership of the Income Tax Employees Federation through check-off system and intimate the board the following information for extending the recognition of the Federation:

(1)   Total Number of non-gazetted employees of Income Tax Department,
(2)   Total number out of (i) who are members of the Income Tax Employees Federation.
             We have been informed by the authorities that in spite of two reminders vide even No. dated 17.05.2013 and 17th June 2013, the requisite information has not yet been furnished from the following CCIT(CCA) charges.
       Ahmedabad, Bangalore; Bhubaneswar; Chandigarh; Chennai; New Delhi; Guwahati; Hyderabad; Jaipur; Kanpur; Kochi; Kolkata; Lucknow; Nagpur; Patna; Pune.
The Circle General Secretaries of the above Charges are requested to take necessary steps and pursue the concerned to furnish the information at the earliest.
                   With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
(KP Rajagopal)
Secretary General

Copy of letter No. N-1/12-15   Dated: 8th July, 2013.
The Chairperson,
Central Board of Direct Taxes,
North Block,
New Delhi- 110 001.
  Sub:    Natural Calamity of Uttarakhand- Donation of One Day’s Salary by
 Income Tax Employees- Request for deduction- Regarding-
It is needless to state here the horror and tragedy of the loss of human lives and unprecedented destruction of homes and livelihoods in the Kedarnath, Chamoli and other regions of Uttarakhand, which continues to unfold even today.  It is known to all of us that hundreds of villages have also been washed away alongwith thousands of human lives.
The Income Tax Employees Federation felt it imperative on its part to devote our energy and resource into providing relief and succour to those affected and rebuilding the lost property and infrastructure and rehabilitation of the people.  We have, therefore, decided to bestow one day’s salary towards the above objectives, through the Prime Ministers Relief Fund.  We have also called upon all our members to donate the same to the PMRF.
Since all the Non-gazetted employees are our members and with a view to ensure speedy and proper remittance of the fund, we request your goodself to kindly issue necessary directions to the Cadre Controlling Authorities to effect the deduction and remit the funds to the Prime Ministers Relief Fund.  For the purpose of deduction the One Day’s salary may be calculated on the Pay, Grade Pay and Dearness Allowance only, as other allowances like HRA, TA etc. are not uniform and vary according to places and postings etc.  If any member wants to opt out from the donation, (s)he may be permitted to do so. 
An early action in this regard is solicited.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
(KP Rajagopal)
Secretary General.