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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


As scheduled the meeting of JCA with the Revenue Secretary is held and over. JCA leadership, Member(P) and PDGIT(HRD) were also present. The outcome is as under:

1. RS expressed that the issue of stagnation in ITO cadre is serious and needs to be addressed and also expressed his concern.
2. RS asked both the Board and JCA to find solution on this issue through discussion.
3. JCA explained the delay in holding of DPCs and asked for more posts in ACIT cadre for promotion quota through GFR 254 and other means for removing stagnation.
4. RS expressed and directed to work out the modalities to reduce the stagnation to not more than 12 years.
5. RS directed the Member(P) to ensure DPC for 2014-15 immediately. He also directed to ensure immediate vacation of CAT stay.
6. RS directed to complete DPC for 2015-16 thereafter and also start preparing DPC for 2016-17 so that all the DPCs could be completed by March 2016.
7. RS directed Member(P) to put up the proposal at the earliest for more vacancies in ACIT cadre for promotion, be it GFR or otherwise.
8. RS asked JCA to withdraw the agitation immediately. He told that our problems will be addressed. JCA can meet him at any time. He expressed that PM wants the senior authorities to be take proper care of employees problems but the employees should also work with sincerely. He told that this agitation has given him bad name.
9. RS had to go somewhere but he directed the Member to continue meeting with JCA and draw some agreeable conclusion. 
10. The Member was told by JCA that addressing stagnation was our priority and there can be no settlement if stagnation issue is not addressed irrespective whether DPC is held early.
11. The Member(P) told that he will meet RS again and will fixed another meeting of JCA with him.

After the meeting, The Central JCA decided to suspend the ongoing agitational programme for a period of three weeks in view of assurances given to JCA for redressal of demands and directions given to CBDT by the Revenue Secretary. 

Monday, November 2, 2015


The Chairperson of CBDT Anita Kapoor is superannuating by this month end. She is a 1978-batch officer of the Income Tax cadre.

Mr. RC Mishra is likely to be appointed Member of CBDT who is 1979 batch IRS officer(IT).

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Additional Tax of Rs. 4733.61 Crore Collected due to (NMS)

As reported by Shri Jayant Sinha, Minister of State in Ministry of Finance, during the year 2013, 2014 and 2015 (up to 31.3.2015), Income Tax Department has through its Non-filer Monitoring System (NMS) identified 12.9 lakh, 22.09 lakh and 44.09 lakh cases respectively, as non-filers of return, though having potential tax liabilities.

As a result of this exercise, 30,68,662 new returns have been filed and additional tax of Rs. 4733.61 crore has been collected in the year 2013, 2014 and up to 31.3.2015 in the year 2015. Further follow up action is underway and similar exercise is also planned to be undertaken in the current financial year.

While identifying non-filers of return through NMS, the Income Tax Department analyses and assimilates all in-house information as well as transactional data received from third-party including Annual Information Return (AIR), Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) and Tax Collection at Source (TCS) statements, Central Information Bureau (CIB) data etc, to isolate such persons/entities who have undertaken high value financial transactions but have not filed return. A total of 79.08 lakh such non-filers have been identified since implementation of NMS in 2013.

Source : PIB

Thursday, July 31, 2014

ITEF writes letter to Chairman, CBDT regardingg Consequential Vacancies of R.Y. 2013-14

ITEF has written a letter to the Chairman, CBDT regarding consequential vacancies of R.Y. 2013-14Copy of ITEF letter No. N-1/E-2/12-15 Dated: 28th July, 2014.
Read the full contents of ITEF’s letter here:

“We write this with reference to the above two instructions issued by the Board and also the discussions the JCA representatives had with your goodself in the Quarterly Review Meeting held on 14.7.2014. Vide the second reference dated 27.05.2014, the CCAs were required to conduct the meetings of DPCs and effect promotions for the Group B & C cadres by 5th June, 2014 for vacancy year 2013-14.

We have been getting report from our field formations that though promotion orders have been issued in almost all charges, the Cadre Controlling Authorities in some charges have not taken the consequential vacancies while conducting DPC Meetings and effecting promotions. The reason communicated to us by our units is that some of the CCAs have taken the stand that although the vacancies are for RY 2013-14 as the promotions are being effected in the year 2014-15, the consequential vacancies will fall in the year 2014-15. The Stand taken by the CCAs is absolutely contrary to the Instructions of the Dept. Of Per. & Trg. dated 10.4.1989 with regard to determination of vacancies for DPC. This will also create problem and confusion in fixing the inter-se seniority of Direct Recruitees and Promotees and may lead to unnecessary litigation if the vacancy year for the consequential vacancies of a particular year is taken to a subsequent year in some regions. We reproduce below further clarification of para 4.1 of the said instructions of the DOPT.

“In reiteration of the aforesaid provision (para 4.1) of the DPC guidelines, dated 10.4.1989, it is hereby clarified that such vacancies arising in a particular vacancy year, as noted in the aforesaid Para 4.1, would be considered together by the DPC. These vacancies should also included newly created posts in the same vacancy year. Hence the DPC for a particular vacancy year held subsequent to the creation of such new posts in the same vacancy year would be required to take into consideration such newly-created posts also alongwith other already existing/anticipated vacancies arising in the same vacancy year. As a sequel to it, the zone of consideration would also get enlarged in a corresponding manner in terms of Dept. Of Per. & Trg. OM No. 22011/1/90-Estt.(D), dated 12.10.1990 and 22.4.1992”.

(Swamy’s manual on Establishment & Administration-Page 847)

Further the Dpt. Of Per & Trg in F.No. 22011/9/98-Estt(D) dated 6.10.1999 further clarified with regard to “Chain Vacancies” as under:

2. The aforesaid matter has been considered in consultation with the Union Public Service Commission. Accordingly, it is clarified that the “chain vacancies” on account of retirement etc. in the higher grades in a vacancy (panel) year shall include:-

The vacancies which can be clearly anticipated as likely to become available in the concerned grade by promotion of Officers of the service to higher grades during that vacancy (panel)year, (Expected promotion to the higher grades under the Model Calendar for DPCs would normally be against vacancies arising by retirement in all the higher grades/hierarchy as per Paragraph 7 of the OM dated 8.9.1988).

(Swamy’s manual on Establishment & Administration-Page 889)

It is clear from the above that the consequential vacancies of the promotions effected on newly created posts for RY 2013-14 should also be taken as anticipated vacancies while determining the regular vacancies for the same year. Therefore, the position taken by some of the CCAs need to be elucidated. We accordingly, request the Chairman to kindly direct the concerned to issue necessary clarification to the Pr. CCsIT to effect promotions for the consequential vacancies also during the same vacancy (panel) year and to maintain uniformity in the matter.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Income Tax offices will remain open on Saturday and Sunday, K. V. Choudhary will be New Chairman, CBDT

Income Tax offices will remain open on Saturday and Sunday, the 26th and 27th July to receive returns as the due date of filing of return is 31st July 2014. All field offices will accept returns during normal office hours.

Special arrangements may also be made by way of opening additional receipt counters, wherever required, on 26th, 27th , 28th, 30th and 31st July, 2014 to facilitate the taxpayers in filing their returns of income conveniently and in a timely manner.

New CBDT Chairman

Mr K.V. Chaudhary, 1978 batch IRS Officer will be the new Chairman CBDT from 1st August 2014. He will succeed Mr R.K. Tiwari who will retire on superannuation

Special Return Receipt Counters

The Chairman, CBDT shall inaugurate the Special Return Receipt Counters tomorrow at 10.30 AM at Pratyaksh Kar Bhavan, B-Block, ground Floor, Civic Centre, Minto Road, New Delhi-2. Extensive arrangements have been made by the Department to facilitate the taxpayers in filing their income tax returns.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Promotion from CIT to Pr. CIT

It is reliably learnt that the file of IRS (IT) officers belonging to 1982-87 batch has reached to the Appointment Committee of Cabinet on July 16. DPC had taken place on April 30 this year. Meaning hereby; as many as 300 IRS (IT) officers would soon get the rank of Principal Commissioner of Income Tax.

Source : Whisperinthecorridor

Friday, July 11, 2014

CBDT constitutes a committee regarding recruitment and promotion of employees

As per the news published in PBD daily, the CBDT has constituted a four members committee to examine the demands of Income Tax Employees regarding recruitment and promotion issue. The committee headed by Jt. Secretary(Admin), Finance Ministry, Shri S. K. Lohani will submit its reports by July 18 and on the basis of the committee’s recommendation the CBDT will take a call regarding long pending demands of the employees.

Meanwhile, The JCA comprising of ITGOA and ITEF has suspended their agitation till July 18. The JCA had organized a day long demonstration on Monday to protest against arbitrary rules of the CBDT regarding promotion of the staff and neglecting their demand to fill large number of vacant posts in the department.

The effort of Delhi Circle, in favour of welfare of employees, is very much appreciable, as these efforts are made only by the associations of Delhi Circle level and not by the associations of any other regions & Central HQ level.

Friday, July 4, 2014

A valid Email ID and Mobile Number to be Registered / Updated on the E-Filing Website of the Income Tax Department

A valid Email ID and Mobile Number has to be registered / updated on the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department so that direct communication with taxpayer can be possible. For details, taxpayers can log on to:

The Department will send separate One Time Passwords (OTP) also referred as PIN on the mobile and email provided by the taxpayer. The OTPs have to be entered by the taxpayer after logging into their e-filing account to authenticate the same. The OTPs will remain valid for 24 hours within which the taxpayer has to complete the process. For 'Foreign / NRI' taxpayers, the OTP validation of the email ID would be sufficient.

Validation of email and mobile numbers has been introduced to facilitate taxpayers as in many cases incorrect emails and mobile numbers have been provided and taxpayers did not receive important communication from the Department. Further, it has been observed that in many cases taxpayers are not able to reset their password since the new temporary password from the Department may be sent to their registered email which may be different from the taxpayer's personal email, eg email of their intermediary.

This is a one-time process to validate the mobile number and email ID. However, whenever the taxpayer changes the Mobile Number or email ID in their Profile, the process will be repeated to ensure that the particulars provided are correct. Further, this validation will ensure that Department can send an OTP for resetting the password used for Login in case the taxpayer has forgotten the password.

One mobile number or email ID can be used for a maximum of 10 user accounts as the Primary Contact-Mobile Number and Email ID in e-Filing. This is to ensure that family members and related business concerns (not exceeding 10 separate users) not having personal email or mobile can be covered under a common email or mobile, but in general taxpayers should have their own unique email ID and Mobile registered with the Department.

The taxpayer can enter any other person's email or mobile number in addition, as a Secondary Contact (without any restriction on the number of user accounts linked as a Secondary Contact). Using "Profile Settings à My Profile" the taxpayer can select to include the Secondary Contact to also receive emails, alerts etc.

It is advised that the emails and SMS from the Income tax Department may be included in the 'safe list' or 'white list' to prevent the communications from the Department from being blocked or rejected or sent to Spam folder. Taxpayers are also advised not to share their user-id and password of their e-filing account with others to prevent un-authorized access.Taxpayers can reset their password using the `Forgot Password?` Link while logging in to their e-filing account and by providing the necessary details.

The Department requests the cooperation of all taxpayers for completing this validation process at the earliest for a smooth and convenient return filing process.

Source: PIB

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Resheduled Examination of Paper-IV - ITO Deptt. Exam 2014

The office of DIT(IT) issued a notification to re-conduct the examination of Paper-IV for Income Tax Officers Exam on 18.07.2014. The said exam was scheduled on 06.06.2014.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mumbai and Gujarat Region issued promotion orders of Income Tax Officers

As many as 237 Inspectors are promoted in Mumbai Region.

As regards to Gujarat Region, 56 inspectors (In Reviewed list) and 106 inspectors ( In supplementary list) are promoted to Income Tax Officers.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pr. CCIT, Bangalore issued promotion order and OM

Promotion order of 100 inspectors and 102 ITOs have been issued by Pr. CCIT, Bangalore. It is also learnt from the order that TA batch who joined the department in the year 2007 & 2008 and got promotion as Sr. TA in the year 2011 & 2012 also promoted as Inspectors of Income Tax. Prior to this, the same has been seen from the promotion order released by Delhi Region. This is very good sign of benefits of cadre restructuring.

A Office Memorandum to explain the way for fixation of seniority on the basis of NR Parmar case judgment has also been issued by Pr. CCIT, Bangalore. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Instruction by CBDT to conduct DPC for R.Y. 2013-14

Finally, CBDT broke the silence in respect of conducting DPC for the vacancies created due to implementation of cadre restructuring. Today, CBDT itself issued a instruction for conducting of DPCs for vacancy year 2013-14. The contents of the instruction is produced below which is self explanatory:

Subject: Instructions for conducting of DPCs for vacancy year 2013-14-reg.

Kindly refer to the subject mentioned above. DPCs are to be conducted for Group B & C grades (and also for the posts of Pr. Administrative Officer, which is a Group 'A' post) by the Pr. CCsIT for the vacancy year 2013-14. The DPCs have to take into account the increase in number of posts in these grades as a consequence of Cabinet approval in this regard. The notification of revised Recruitment Rules for these grades is currently under process. Also, new Recruitment Rules are to be notified for the Executive Assistant grade. All this is likely to take some more time and it would not be advisable for conduct of DPCs after notification of new/revised Recruitment Rules.

2. DoPT, vide their OM no. AB.14017/79/2006-Estt.(RR) dt.6.9.2007 has emphasised that as RRs are statutory in nature, they will not cease to operate unless they are repealed. The observations of the Supreme Court in UoI v. V. Ramakrishnan viz., "Draft Rules cannot form the basis of promotion. When rules to the contrary are holding the field' have been reproduced in this OM.

3. Accordingly, I am directed to request you to kindly conduct DPCs on basis of the existing Recruitment Rules for the respective grades.

4. For the 'Executive Assistant'(EA) grade, which has been approved to be created by merger of the grades of OS, Sr. 'TA', Steno Gr.l, the new Recruitment Rules for Executive Assistant cadre is also not yet notified. Therefore, I am directed to clarify that current Recruitment Rules for the grades of OS. Sr. TA & Steno Gr. I (which would merge into the single cadre of Executive Assistant upon notification of the Recruitment Rules for the latter) may be utilized by DPCs. In other words, DPCs for promotion of Sr.TA to OS, TA to Sr.TR & Steno Gr. II (erstwhile Steno Grade 111) to Steno Gr. I are to be conducted. For the limited purpose of quantifying vacancies for conducting DPCs, the number of posts notified for the EA grade may be further trifurcated in each CCA region among OS/Sr. TA/Steno Gr. I in the same ratio as the pre-restructuring number of sanctioned posts in these grades.

5. It is further clarified that as per the existing DoPT and CBDT instructions on inter-Region transfer for the purpose of reckoning prescribed years' regular service in the grade, the service rendered by an inter-region transferee in the old region shall not be counted in the new region which he has joined on such transfer, if the transfer is on the request of the officer concerned.

6. The Board has directed that a uniform date of 05.06.2014 has been fixed for issue of promotion Orders in all Pr.CCIT Regions. CCsIT are therefore requested to conduct DPCs prior to this date and to issue all promotion orders on 05.06.2014.

7. The above instructions will be applicable for vacancy year 2013-14. Separate instructions will be issued for vacancy year 2014-15.”

Monday, May 26, 2014

Pr. CCIT, Delhi Region promted 234 ITIs to ITOs

Pr. CCIT, Delhi Region promoted 234 Income Tax Inspectors to Income Tax Officers. 

On promotion, the officers mentioned at serial no. 1 to 34 would report on duty to the office of Pro Chief Commissioner of Income-tax, New Delhi and would function as Officer on Special Duty, till further orders. The remaining officers mentioned at 35 to 234 are posted as ITO (OSD) on in-situ basis at their present place of posting till their formal posting orders and they will continue to discharge the function of the present post.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New RR may be issued on Monday?

New Recruitment Rules for ITIs is finalized and the notification in this regard may be issued on Monday or next week. It is also learnt that Stenographer quota and YOP seniority criteria have been removed. Also most of the officials who are not eligible for next promotion as on 01.01.2013 are curious about one time relaxation so that they can be promoted. As regards to recent promotion made by Delhi region, officials who were qualified ITI exam till December 2012 are considered for promotion for ITIs. Also in some of the regions, promotion order from ITIs to ITOs and officials to ITIs may be issued in next week. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Delhi region promoted to 194 inspectors

Pr. CCIT, Delhi Region promoted 194 officials to the cadre of Income Tax Inspectors. Out of 194 officials, 184 officials are promoted from Sr. TA Cadre which also includes 2006 batch of TAs.

Congratulation to all newly Promoted Inspectors.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

33 Inspectors promoted to Income Tax Officers

Now, Orissa Region promoted 33 inspectors (28 for R.Y. 2013-14 & 5 for R.Y. 2014-15) to Income Tax Officers. ITian India congratulates all the newly promoted Income Tax Officers.

Some of the more regions may also issue promotion order in this week.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chandigarh Region released Promoted Order of 128 ITIs with existing RRs

After the promotion from Income Tax Inspectors to Income Tax Officers, Chandigarh(NWR) Region also released promotion order to Income Tax Inspectors and became the first region which promoted ITIs due to cadre restructuring. It is pertinent to note here that DPC has been held following the existing Recruitment Rules. As per this order promotion made vide this DPC is provisional and is subject to any review DPC taking place for any contingency like number of vacancies, fixation of seniority, change in recruitment rules etc. and direction of any Court / CBDT / DOPT '.

“What was the hurry in releasing this promotion order?”  

Now this is question in every mind as the implementation of cadre restructuring should be done with new recruitment rules. Friends, here is the contents of reports of subcommittee that is sufficient to justify this question.

"As promotion to the post of Inspectors shall henceforth be only from Executive Assistants, the existing system of quotas in promotion for Ministerial Staff and Stenographers has become redundant and accordingly, has been done away with. For the same reason, for the existing provisions relating to quota for promotion on the basis of seniority and date of passing has been deleted." (View previous post in this regard)

As per the information available till date the above contents of the report of sub-committee is still not amended.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Now Chandigarh Region promoted 102 ITIs to ITOs

After the Kanpur and Chennai Region, Chandigarh Region now promoted 102 Income Tax Inspectors to Income Tax Officers on the vacancy raised due to additional posts as allotted in Cadre Restructuring. 

You can also view the previous orders issued by Kanpur and Chennai Region as below

Now it is expected that some of other regions may also issued promotion order from ITIs to ITOs on next week inspiring with these three regions.

As ITEF through its message already conveyed that there is no need to wait for any instructions from the Board in the matter of promotion to the post of ITOs but it was need that promotion date (From ITIs to ITOs) of all the regions be same. For natural justice CBDT should issue uniform guidelines to fixing the seniority of these newly promoted ITOs.

Please put your valuable comments on the issue.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Message of ITEF on Promotion from ITI to ITO due to cadre restructuring

ITEF today issued a message on the issue of promotion from Income Tax Inspectors to Income Tax Officers on the additional posts created due to cadre restructuring. The contents of the message is as under:

“Dear Comrades, We have been trying to get instructions issued by the Board to have a common DPC Meeting date for Income Tax Officers promotion as in 2001. Before such instructions could be issued, the Pr. CCIT, Kanpur Region has held DPC meeting and effected promotion to the post of Income Tax Officers. No need to wait for any instructions from the Board in the matter of promotion to the post of ITOs. SG, ITEF.”

It is informed that after Kanpur, Pr. CCIT, Chennai also issued promotion order of 103 Inspectors promoted to ITO.