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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


As scheduled the meeting of JCA with the Revenue Secretary is held and over. JCA leadership, Member(P) and PDGIT(HRD) were also present. The outcome is as under:

1. RS expressed that the issue of stagnation in ITO cadre is serious and needs to be addressed and also expressed his concern.
2. RS asked both the Board and JCA to find solution on this issue through discussion.
3. JCA explained the delay in holding of DPCs and asked for more posts in ACIT cadre for promotion quota through GFR 254 and other means for removing stagnation.
4. RS expressed and directed to work out the modalities to reduce the stagnation to not more than 12 years.
5. RS directed the Member(P) to ensure DPC for 2014-15 immediately. He also directed to ensure immediate vacation of CAT stay.
6. RS directed to complete DPC for 2015-16 thereafter and also start preparing DPC for 2016-17 so that all the DPCs could be completed by March 2016.
7. RS directed Member(P) to put up the proposal at the earliest for more vacancies in ACIT cadre for promotion, be it GFR or otherwise.
8. RS asked JCA to withdraw the agitation immediately. He told that our problems will be addressed. JCA can meet him at any time. He expressed that PM wants the senior authorities to be take proper care of employees problems but the employees should also work with sincerely. He told that this agitation has given him bad name.
9. RS had to go somewhere but he directed the Member to continue meeting with JCA and draw some agreeable conclusion. 
10. The Member was told by JCA that addressing stagnation was our priority and there can be no settlement if stagnation issue is not addressed irrespective whether DPC is held early.
11. The Member(P) told that he will meet RS again and will fixed another meeting of JCA with him.

After the meeting, The Central JCA decided to suspend the ongoing agitational programme for a period of three weeks in view of assurances given to JCA for redressal of demands and directions given to CBDT by the Revenue Secretary. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

ITEF's New Circular on Various issues

INCOME TAX EMPLOYEES FEDERATION, New Dehli has issued a new circular on the minutes of secretariat meeting held on 23.07.2014. Issues of Memorandum to VII CPC, Diversion of Cadre Restructuring posts and other various issues were discussed in the meeting. The contents of the circular is as under

The extended Secretariat meeting was held on 23.7.2014 at Manishinath Bhawan, New Delhi.  The meeting was presided over by Com. Ashok B Salunkhe, President.  The following decisions were taken in the meeting.

Memorandum to VII-CPC. The Secretary General, Com. KP Rajagopal, initiating the discussion outlined the principle and logics of our approach adopted in the draft memorandum circulated for wider discussions in the Circles.  The Secretariat approved the same and authorised the CHQ to submit the final memorandum to the VII- Central Pay Commission. 

Diversion of Cadre Restructuring Posts: The secretariat discussed the draft proposal circulated by the CHQ for diversion of some posts in the cadres of ITOs and ITIs to deficient circles.  In the light of reservation expressed by few circles, the meeting authorised the President and Secretary General to sort out the issue and finalise the proposal to be taken up with the CBDT within a months’ time.

All India Delegates Conference. As decided in the last All India Conference held at Mehsana in the month of February, 2012, the next All India Delegates Conference will be held at Guwahati.  The General Secretary of NE Circle Com. Subir Majumdar informed the Secretariat that the Circle has begun the preparatory work.  The Conference will be held on 19th to 22nd February, 2015 and the accommodation for the delegates will be available from the forenoon of 18th February to forenoon of 23rdFebruary, 2015.  Taking into consideration the huge responsibility given to a small circle and the expenditure involved in organising the Conference, the Secretariat decided to appeal to all Circles to provide financial help to the NE Circle  by obtaining advertisement to the proposed Souvenir to be published on the occasion.  The Secretariat also authorised the President and Secretary General to fix probable quota for collection of Advertisement to each circles.  The NE Circle has been requested to send sufficient number of tariff forms to the circles at the earliest.

Issues Pending with the Board  for resolution: The Secretary General explained the outcome of the last Quarterly Review Meeting held with the Chairman & Member (P) on 14th July, 2014.  The Secretary General indicated that other than ritualistic response, there had been no tangible outcome on the issues or visible change in the attitude of the Authorities.  Unless pressure through agitation is brought about, no improvement can be expected.  In view of the situation, the Secretariat decided to embark upon agitation and to start with, to have a lunch hour demonstration at the earliest in consultation with the ITGOA leadership, under the banner of JCA.

Change of name of ITEF AP Circle: The Secretariat noted on record the request made by the ITEF AP Circle Executive Committee through its resolution to change the name of ITEF AP Circle to ITEF, Andhra Pradesh & Telengana Circle in view of the bifurcation of the erstwhile State into two.

Confederation Sect. decisions: The Confederation National Secretariat which met on  17.07.2014             decided to submit a memorandum to the VII-CPC endorsing the Memorandum submitted by the JCM,Staff Side and incorporating the issues which are concerning the affiliates and require more emphasis.

West Bengal Solidarity Day: National Secretariat of Confederation adopted a resolution on the continued attack by hooligans on the working class especially the affiliated organisations of the Confederation of West Bengal and decided to organize “West Bengal Solidarity Day” on 27-08-2014 throughout the country.  Copy of the resolution is enclosed.  All the Circles are requested to organise programmes as decided by the   State COCs in a befitting manner."

Friday, March 14, 2014

ITEF Delhi Circle is on the way of agitation

A General Body meeting of the INCOME-TAX EMPLOYEES FEDERATION, DELHI CIRCLE & INCOME-TAX EMPLOYEES FEDERATION, 'Gr. D 'DELHI CIRCLE, NEW DELHI was held on today i.e. 14.3.2014 during lunch hour to chalk out the agitational programme on the issue of Cadre Restructuring implementation.

In the meeting it has unanimously been resolved that if the notification of posts allocation will not be issued before 19th March 2014 the following agitational programme would be embark upon wef 03/19/2014:

1. Walkout from 12.00 PM onwards on 19.3.2014.
2.Mass Dharna at C.R. Building w.e.f. 11.00AM on 20.3.2014 to 5.00 PM on 21.3.2014.

3.It has been further resolved that if no action in this regard has been taken till 21st March 2014, then the General Body Meeting of the ITEF, Delhi Circle will again be called on 21.3.2014 to review and accelerate the agitational programme by adopting measures like hunger strike or indefinite strike etc.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meetings on Cadre Restructuring dated 16.01.2014 and 17

Meetings on cadre restructuring with ITEF and ITGOA convened by Member (P&V), CBDT were held on 16.01.2014 and 17.01.2014. As stated earlier the main subject of meeting was different yardsticks adopted by sub-committee -1 and core committed and that of the ITEF. ITEF cleared its views on formula proposed by them regarding allocation of posts. Meeting was concluded without any final assurance except assurance of Member(P&V) to discuss the outcome in the board.
ITEF vide its circular also requested to all circles to carry out the agitation program from 21.01.2014.

The contents of circular of ITEF is as under :

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monday, December 16, 2013

Cadre Review of IT : Reports of all subcommittees sent by ITGOA by email......

It is learnt that ITGOA has sent reports of all 7 sub committees to all the members nominated by association to these sub-committees by email. The association also requested to submit their detailed comments within 4 days i.e. whether the report is conforming to the suggestions of ITGOA or not. if not, what are the variations? The core committee will be submitting its reports shortly and board will call ITEF and ITGOA for discussion on these reports. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Circular of ITEF dated 13.12.2013 on Cadre Restructuring and other issues

Today ITEF issued a circular regarding Secretariat meeting held on 12.12.2013 on Cadre Restructuring, NR Parmar judgement and other issues. 

Cadre Restructuring : As stated by ITEF, the basis adopted for allocation of the posts by the sub-committee was not on a realistic basis and far from practicality.  ITEF further stated that the Committee has not accepted any of the parameters suggested by the federation.  The allocation made and submitted by ITEF on the basis of the formula adopted in the Working Committee Meeting was totally rejected by the Sub-Committee. Read related post on the matter :- Click here

Read the full contents of circular of ITEF below :

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Meeting on Implementation of NR Parmar case Judgment, Next meeting on 11.12.2013

Today ITEF issued a circular and informed about the meeting of ITEF and ITGOA representatives with DGIT(HRD) and other officials on 3rd December, 2013 on the issue of implementation of NR Parmar Judgement. The meeting felt that some more details are to be obtained from various agencies of Governmentt/section of CBDT etc. and decided to meet again on 11.12.2013 to finalize the issue.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department: Querterly Review Meeting resheduled on 09.12.2013.

The Quarterly Review Meeting which was scheduled on 22.11.2013 is resheduled on 09.12.2013.

The Sub-committee for allocation of posts and jurisdiction has been asked to submit its report by 29th November. The manner of its implementation can be discussed and worked out in the rescheduled Quarterly Review Meeting on 9th December.

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ITEF, Hq has issued a circular in this regard. Read full details below.........

Friday, November 8, 2013

ITEF, AP Circle's Circular on Cadre Restructuring.

 ITEF, ANDHRA PRADESH CIRCLE, HYDERABAD circulated following details on All-India Working Committee of the ITEF held at Jaipur on 19 & 20th October, 2013:

The following issues were discussed in the all-India Working Committee meeting of the ITEF held at Jaipur on 19th and 20th October 2013. It was stated that the sub-committee of CBDT has agreed upon the following issues which the ITEF has time and again demanded:

1. The sub-committee of CBDT on cadre-restructuring at all-India level has discussed the issue of conversion of staff car drivers into TA / NS and agreed in principle. Proposals will be sent for making modifications in the recruitment rules of TA and NS to this effect.

2. The sub-committee of CBDT is also actively considering the absorption of daily rated workers in the cadre restructuring exercise itself. A positive decision is expected because many new MTS posts will be created in cadre restructuring.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Charge-wise allocated strength in various grades in the income tax department as on 31.03.2009

There is no information received from any reliable sources regarding finalization of Region wise allocation of posts due to Cadre restructuring 2013 of Income tax department.

Only information received from the side of ITEF about the criteria for region wise distribution of posts. The ITEF is going to propose following criteria for distribution of posts: 

1.    Workload
2.   Revenue collection
3.   Stagnation
4.   Geographical Criteria or Muffasil.

Most of the proposals of ITEF with regard to Group ‘C’ cadre were accepted by the CBDT at the time of previous cadre restructuring of the department.

As process of implementation of cadre restructuring is on the way, many of visitors of ITian India are interested to know about the present allocation of various grades in the Income Tax Department. Following chart shows the Charge-wise sanctioned strength in various grades in the income tax department as on 31.03.2009. Visitors of ITian India are requested to point out the discrepancies found, if any, by commenting in comment box. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Circular of ITEF regarding Cadre restructuring and many more…….

Manishinath Bhawan A/2/95 Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi. 110 027.
Cir. No. 31/12-15                                                              Dated: 20.09.2013.

Dear Comrades,

            The Confederation Secretariat met at Delhi on 19.9.2013 and decided to change the dates for the Strike Ballot to 11, 12& 13 November, 2013 and to undertake massive campaign programme prelude to the strike ballot.  The date for conducting the same in the ITEF will be communicated after the ensuing Secretariat Meeting on 27th September, 2013.    

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            In the name of austerity measures, the Govt. has decided and notified complete ban on creation of Posts and filling up of vacancies once again.  Even the filling up of existing vacancies that are lying vacant for various reasons for more than a year is also brought under the ambit of the orders issued on 18.9.2013.  The Confederation has decided to oppose the retrograde steps of the Government by organising massive protest demonstration in front of all office on 25th September, 2013.  Since we are in the process of allocation and filling up of the posts sanctioned by the Cabinet under Cadre Restructuring, it is far more important for us to resist such moves with all force at our command. All the Circle General Secretaries are requested to carry out Lunch hour demonstration in front of IT Offices or in a common place along with other organisations participating in the Confederation. The Circular No. 7 of the Confederation issued on 20.09.2013 is attached.

            Cadre restructuring and its implementation:  The various Sub-committees constituted by the Board to suggest the method of implementation are yet to finalise their report.  The One committee which has submitted their report (Committee for merger of Directorate) has totally rejected our views in this regard.  The committee did not even consider to record and provide the minutes of the meetings.  The matter has been brought to the notice of the Chairperson and Member (P&V) today, who have assured us to look into the matter and amicable settlement.  The Committee looking after the Allocation of posts and Jurisdiction also indicated different yardstick for allocation and jurisdiction.  Our stand with further justifications has again been placed before the committee which is reconsidering all aspect in this regard and assured due consideration of our views before finalisation of the report.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Implementation of cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department :Decisions of Extended secretariat meeting of ITEF held on 24.08.2013

The Extended Secretariat meeting of ITEF was held as scheduled on 24th August, 2013. ITEF(CHQ) issued a circular in this regard, details thereof is as under:

1.              Allocation of newly created Posts:
            The Extended Secretariat meeting of ITEF was held as scheduled on 24th August, 2013 to consider, among other things, the principle of allocation of newly created posts in the cadre restructuring.  Prior to the Secretariat meeting, the sub-committee formed for this purpose met and finalized the draft allocation.  The draft allocation was prepared on the basis of the formula adopted and other suggestions approved by the Central Working Committee Meeting held on 28th July, 2013 at New Delhi.  The draft proposal was subjected to detailed discussions in the Secretariat meeting.  Some circles pointed out discrepancies in the figure of work load adopted by the Committee.  Though the Committee has adopted the figures available on official records, it was decided to verify the same further from the official figures of the Central Board of Direct Taxes.  If any major discrepancy is found in the figures adopted, the same will be considered by the Sub-Committee and required steps will be taken after consulting all concerned.

            The Secretariat has also decided to allocate certain number of posts to the newly created areas viz. ASK, SEWOTTAM, CPCs, LTUs etc The Secretariat also decided that the issue of creation of cadre controlling authority at Chatisgarh will be taken up with the Board with a brief note along with the proposal.

            The Secretariat also decided that allocation of the new posts will be based on the Cadre Restructuring proposal and posts projected for the newly created/expanded areas will be separately considered for charge wise allocation.

2.         Merger of Directorates.  
           The CWC meeting held on 28.7.2013 decided to oppose the merger of Personnel of all Directorate ( created after 2001 and proposed new ones) under the Cadre Controlling Authority of DG (Admn).  Except in the case of 6 directorate of pre-2000 period, where distinct categories of personnel are working,  in all other directorates the personnel drawn from the sanctioned strength of CCIT(CCA),Delhi is working.  In view of the above, we have taken up the matter with the sub-committee constituted for this purpose by the Board and demanded that atleast the staff strength required for the post-2001 Directorates and the Directorate proposed to be created should be placed under the CCIT (CCA) strength.  It was reported to the Secretariat that the said sub-committee has not accepted our proposal.  The Secretariat therefore, decided to lodge our strong protest through agitations against the move of the Board and the attitude of the Sub-Committee.

3.           Casual/contingent workers. 
                    Over the teeth of our demand and agitations carried out, the Board has directed all the CsCIT(CCA) to stop payment/engagement of the casual labours from the month of June 2013. The sudden stoppage of wages to these poor workers engaged for carrying out perennial and permanent functions of the Department, for no fault of theirs is against the principles of natural justice and the spirit of the judgment of their lordship, the Constitution Bench of Supreme Court, in the case of Umadevi Vs. UOI.  In many circles, the poor employees who were engaged by the authorities and working in the department for more than a decade, had to approach various judicial authorities for their intervention and continuation of their services.  Though there is no specific direction from the Government for the sudden stoppage of their engagement, the reason for the decision of the board is very obvious viz. outsourcing the work of permanent nature.  The stand of the Board has come out openly as he Board recently stayed the earlier order for three months on the precise ground that some of the Chief Commissioners requested for more time to engage persons through outsourcing/contracturisation. The board has also not taken any action on the demand raised by this federation through a resolution passed in the Secretariat meeting dated 13.06.2013. 

The Secretariat therefore, decided to call upon all the circles/Regions/Branches to have a demonstrative action in the form of Lunch Hour Demonstration on 30th August, 2013, pass  resolution  and send the same to the Chairperson. The Text of the Resolution is enclosed.

4.                Differing Stands of the Circles.  
                It was reported by our representatives in the Sub-Committee at apex level that some of the Circles have demanded certain changes in the proposed recruitment rules etc.  Taking note of such reports the Secretariat decided to request all the Circles not to take any stand or express differing views on matters of all India nature, which the CHQ is taking up at the apex level committees in accordance with the decisions of the Central Working Committee. It was also decided to circulate the stand taken in respective sub-committees by the ITEF(CHQ) to Circles so that uniform stand can be taken by the Federation at various levels. The Circles may take up and concentrate on issues mainly concerned with various requirements of the Circles like, infrastructure, office space, residential premises, placement of personnel, location of new offices, arrangement for holding of DPCs in time etc.  Kindly restrain from taking a different stand on the issues connected with Recruitment Rules, allocation of posts etc. from that of the ITEF(CHQ).

5.             Amendment to ITI Recruitment Rules: 
              The secretariat was appraised by our Representative in the Sub-Committee of CBDT of the opinion emerging in the committee with regard to removal of the twin slot of Date of Passing and Seniority for consideration for promotion to the cadre of Inspectors, in view of the provisions of the Model Recruitment Rules circulated by the DOPT, the reduction in the stagnation period and non-existence of such provisions in the upper and lower cadres Recruitment Rules.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Income-tax Department : Approach and Contention of ITEF and ITGOA

Income Tax Department is the first department where Cadre Restructuring is going to implement after 6th Pay Commission. As you all are well aware that a core committee and 7 sub-committees have been set up for the implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department. For proper implementation, region wise committees and subcommittees are also set up in all CCIT(CCA) regions. The time limit of these committees and subcommittees is 3 months. These committees have to submit their final report within the time frame. CBDT has assured that whole implementation will be completed upto the end of this calender year. Now here are some news from the corridors of CBDT, ITEF and ITGOA. Click Here 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

JCA meeting on 29.07.2013 regarding Cadre Restructuring Implementation and related issues

Joint Council of Action of Income Tax Employee  Federation and Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association issued a notice on 19th July informing that an extended  meeting is scheduled on 29th July, 2013, at Mapple Emarald , Rajokri, New Delhi  at 10.30AM to consider the following agenda items.

1. Cadre Restructuring Implementation  and related issues,
2. Strengthening of JCA at Circle/Unit Level

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The first meeting of the National Secretariat of the CONFEDERATION OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES & WORKERS  was held at New Delhi on 22.07.2013. Com. K. K. N. Kutty, National President, presided.

The main highlights and decisions of the National Secretariat meeting are as under :-

15 Pointes charter of demands and future course of action:-

The meeting decided to organize independent campaign and agitational programmes culminating in indefinite strike. The specific decisions were:
(i) To organize state level joint strike conventions of C-o-C with the participation of all affiliated unions/Associations/Federations during the month of August 2013. Whereever the C-O-C functioning is not satisfactory or has no participation of district units, efforts must be taken to revamp the committee.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department : Action taken by ITGOA

The association of Income Tax Gazzated Officers, ITGOA, circulated a letters to all its members through all its units to inform activities at CHQ level mainly on Cadre Restructuring issues. ITGOA informed that following actions have been taken against the adverse aspects of Cadre Restrucring-2013

1.    A detailed note on the adverse impact of CRC-2013 has been prepared highlighting the very large number of posts in the grade of DCIT/ACIT that would remain vacant and that too for considerably long period i.e. 8 to 10 years. Besides, deteriorating stagnation in the level of ITO which is the feeder grade for Promotion Quota in the grade of ACIT has been duly depicted as also consequent demoralizing effect on ITOs. Lastly, it has been brought out that these twin aspect will result in an adverse impact on the Revenue Collection and Service to Tax Payers. Copy of the note is enclosed herewith and this has already been given to all Units of ITGOA.

Implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department starts: Upgradation of CCsIT/DGsIT

Implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department sets in motion by upgrading all CCsIT/DGsIT to HAG+. The posts of Chief Commissioners of Income Tax/ Director Generals of Income Tax  stand upgraded from HAG scale of Rs. 67000/- - 79000/- to HAG+ scale of Rs. 75,500/- to 80,000/- w.e.f. w.e.f. 23.05.2013. The OM in this

Monday, July 22, 2013

Meeting of JCA rescheduled on 29.07.2013 on cadre restructuring issues

Meeting of the Joint Council of Action (ITEF & ITGOA) is rescheduled on 29th July, 2013, at New Delhi to consider the following agenda items:-

1. Cadre Restructuring Implementation and related issues,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Latest update on cadre restructuring

Latest update on cadre restructuring in CBEC - news has been received from Sri Debobroto Mondal, Organising Secy., AICEIA, WB Circle, who is now in Delhi, that the file containing cadre restructuring proposal is awaiting COS's meeting which is likely to be held on 7th of August '13. Once it is passed by the COS,