Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MyGov : A special open forum to share your valuable ideas

"‘India stands at a very crucial juncture today. Almost seven decades ago there was a historic mass movement under Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership due to which we attained Swaraj. Today, all of us have to be a part of another mass movement, a movement towards Surajya.

Surajya is not possible until each and every citizen will be an equal and integral part of the decision making process. The times of formulating policies from air-conditioned Government chambers are over. Policies must be made among the people, empowering every citizen to express him or herself on a wide range of issues. This would be a paradigm shift towards Surajya.

As a significant effort towards Surajya, it gives me immense pleasure in presenting to you ‘MyGov an online platform that celebrates people’s ideas and suggestions. ‘MyGov’ stands for participative governance and pertinent ideas that will create a powerful India.

‘MyGov’ is a golden opportunity to contribute in the journey towards nation building, becoming an agent of change. The platform consists of Expert Groups, with each Expert Group focusing on a particular aspect of governance. Within each group one can both ‘Do’ and ‘Discuss’. By ‘doing’, I mean taking up a series of online and onground tasks. ‘Discussions’ on this Platform revolve around specially created discussion forum for each group. Over time, the number of groups, tools to engage, tasks and discussions will increase thus enabling wider participation.

This platform is a wonderful opportunity for government departments to get the best inputs and expand the talent pool that would consist of people across the length and breadth of India.

I invite you to keep sharing tasks, inputs and at the same time enrich the discussions with your vast experience and invaluable insight. I am equally confident that my young friends would be active contributors in this initiative. Our entire nation sees the youth as a ray of hope. It is on the shoulders of the youth that India will attain its destined role a nation that will show the way to the world.."

--------Narendra Modi, PM

RTOs will be abolished soon : Nitin Gadkari

Union minister of road transport and highways Nitin Gadkari on Monday said the central government was in the process of bringing in a law to scrap regional transport offices (RTO) and replacing them with an efficient alternative system in the next few months.

Gadkari said, "There are some outdated laws and systems which need to be scrapped. Systems like RTOs will soon be abolished; there is no need for RTOs. We have prepared a law which will be introduced soon to replace RTOs."

Alleging harassment of citizens at the RTOs, Gadkari said, "Tithe Laxmi darshanacha khel chalto (money rules there)." The minister said a system employing new technology would be introduced to nab traffic violators. "Under the system, you will be served a notice at your doorstep if you break a traffic rule. And if you go to court against the notice and lose the case, you will have to pay three times the fine," he said. The government was preparing a plan to improve traffic in urban areas with the help of the traffic models in the UK and other countries, he said.

Source : Times of India

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cadre Restructuring in CBEC: Notification issued

After the approval of the competent authority, the order specifying the staff allocation for the new formations has been issued yesterday. This is the first step for the implementation of the cadre restructuring in CBEC. Chairperson, CBEC herself stated in her message that the benefits of the restructuring will depend on its speedy implementation. Also a letter regarding cadre restructuring and reorganization of field formation has been issued yesterday.