Friday, June 27, 2014

Obtaining evaluated answer sheets Under RTI

There are many decisions and discussions on obtaining evaluated answer sheets under RTI. Not only answer keys, but you will also be given copies of your evaluated answer sheets / OMR sheets for departmental exams. See these decisions on the links:

If you want to read details of the court decisions regarding the evaluated answer sheets under RTI, here are the abstract of the details about JUDGEMENTS & DECISIONS WHICH HAVE PERMITTED DISCLOSURE OF EVALUATED ANSWER SHEETS UNDER RTI
Here is the summary on what you can obtain information regarding evaluated answer sheets under RTI:

Mark list and selection list as per the order of merit
A copy of evaluated answer sheets of all the pages of all the subjects.
A copy of test key answer sheets of all the pages of all the subjects

The court decision are as under
i]. University Exams: 49 page judgement dated 05-02-2009 of divisional bench of Hon'ble High Court of Calcutta headed by Chief Justice in MAT No. 275 of 2008-University of Calcutta & ors. Vs Pritam Rooj. This is judgement of divisional bench of a High Court headed by Chief Justice and is available on website of High Court of Calcutta.

ii] Departmental Promotion Exams: High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam in WP (C). No. 6532 of 2006 (C) Treesa Irish Vs CPIO Dept of Post, Govt. of India and others dated 30-08-2010 [27 pages]

iii] Public Service Com Exam: In CWJC NO. 160665 of 2008 (Bihar Public Service Commission Vs. State Information Commission and others) decided on 11.12.2008, the High Court of Judicature at Patna upheld the order passed by the State Information Commission directing supply of photocopy of the answer books of two papers to the information seeker, of an examination conducted by Bihar Public Service Commission. The Hon'ble High Court directed that, "..... the BPSC shall supply a certified copy of the answer books demanded by the petitioner, as undertaken by the learned Advocate General on its behalf, within a period of three weeks from today."

iv] Professional Exams: High Court of Delhi on 30.04.2009 in WP (C) 8529/2009 Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, v / s. Central Information Commission, New Delhi.

v] Departmental Exams: WP (C) No.30963 of 2006 (J), (VBSantosh vs. CPIO o / o the Post Master General, Kerala Circle) of Hon'ble High Court of Kerala vide order dated 29.2.2008.

vi] University Exams: WP (MD) NO.4815 of 2008 of Madurai Bench of Madras High Court on 13/09/2010 - R.Ramasamy v / s 1.The Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education, Chennai, 2.The Registrar , TN Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai and others.

vii] All types of answer sheets: STATE INFORMATION COMMISSION, PUNJAB, Chandigadh. dated 27-05-2010 CC No. 3033 of 2009: Sh. Surinder Kumar Vs Public Information Officer, O / o Commissioner, Excise & Taxation Punjab, [IMPORTANT].

Viii] Rajasthan Information Commission decisions:

A.) RIC decision dated 26.7.2010 for Appeal no.398/2010 for Nivedita Chandravat v / s Exam Controller, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
B.) RIC decision dated 08.02.2011 for Appeal no.2483/2010 for Kumari Taramani Agarwal v / s Exam Controller, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
C.) RIC decision dated 22.4.2009 for Appeal no.235/2009 for Kumari Taramani Agrawal v / s Chief Exam controller, University of Rajasthan.

IX] Judgement dated 09-08-2011 of 2 Judge bench of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in CIVIL APPEAL NO.6454 OF 2011 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

ITEF's New circular on CR and VII CPC

ITEF issued a new circular on various issues. The contents of the circular is as under

“Cadre Restructuring and filling up of posts.

We hope by this time in all Circles the process of filling up of Additionally allotted posts of Cadre Restructuring including consequential vacancies for the RY 2013-14 in the cadres of Group B & C would have taken place. In any Charge, if this has not been completed or only partly done, the same may be intimated to the CHQ with reasons for the delay for taking up the matter with the Board for further necessary instructions. As informed in the CWC meeting held on 1st June, 2014, the RRs for all group B & C cadres have been finalized and submitted to the Secretary (Revenue) for approval. The same will be submitted to the Department of Personnel for its approval. The CHQ is pursuing the matter for its early clearance. The instructions for conducting the DPCs for the RY 2014-15 will be issued only after approval of the RR. In the event of delay in getting the RRs approved, alternative ways will be explored for filling up of the posts for RY 2014-15.

Memorandum to VII-CPC.

As decided in the Working Committee meeting held on 1st June 2014, the committee formed under JCA to draft the memorandum to the VII-CPC has almost completed preparation of the same. In the said CWC meeting the decision of the Staff Side, National council, JCM to submit only one Memorandum on behalf of all the organization on minimum wage and other common issues were reported in detail. Accordingly, the staff side has completed the draft memorandum on all common issues. The JCA is, fully endorsing the same. As far as the Memorandum on Department specific issues are concerned, the principle for draft memorandum has also been finalized. As far as the status of common categories are concerned, the same will be communicated after finalization by the Confderation of Officers Associations and Staff Side on the issue. The gist of the Staff Side Memorandum, with proposed pay scales and gist of the JCA Memorandum with proposed pay scales are annexed to this circular. This is to enable you to discuss in your decision making body and communicate your suggestions, if any, to the CHQ. You are requested to communicate the same to the CHQ by 10th of July, 2014. The final report, after consideration of the suggestions received from the Circles will be placed before the Secretariat which is scheduled to meet on 18th July, 2014 at New Delhi, for its approval before submission to the VII-CPC.

Diversion of Cadre Restructuring posts.

As per the decision and directions of the CWC, the CHQ has devised a formula for diversion of certain posts in ITO and ITI cadres to the circles to which the allocation of posts is either nil or much less than the proposal of the ITEF. The formula devised is to take some posts from the circles which got more posts than the proposal of ITEF and to proportionally allocate the same to the deficient Circles. As decided in the CWC, and before taking up the matter with the authorities, the CHQ wish to elicit the opinion of all circles especially from where such posts are to be taken out. The formula devised and the calculation based on that is annexed to this Circular. All circles are requested to convey their opinion on the matter by 10th July, 2014.

Secretariat Meeting.

The next Secretariat meeting will be held at Manishinath Bhawan, New Delhi, on 18th July, 2014 at 10AM to 4 PM. Since the main agenda item is to discuss and approve the final memorandum to the VII-CPC, it has been decided to hold an extended Secretariat Meeting with the participation of all Circle General Secretaries who are not members of the Secretariat. Accordingly the Secretariat Members and the General Secretaries may plan their travel.”

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SSC will conduct re-exam for CGL(Tier -I) 2013 on 20.07.2014

SSC today issued a notice informing that in terms of Honorable CAT, New Delhi order, Commission has decided to hold re-examination for Combined Graduate Level (Tier-I) Examination 2013 on 20.07.2014 (Forenoon and Afternoon). The candidates who have actually appeared in the CGL (Tier-I) Examination, 2013 on 21.04.2013 & 19.05.2013 will be allowed to appear in Re-examination of Combined Graduate Level (Tier-I) Examination, 2013 on 20.07.2014 except for those who have already appeared in the re-examination held on 27.04.2014 at seven examination centres. i.e. Delhi, Jaipur and Dehradun in Northern Region; Allahabad, Varanasi (in place of Lucknow) and Patna in Central Regionand Chandigarh (in place of Shimla) in North-Western Region.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Abolish Revenue Secretary post; merge CBDT, CBEC, says Tax Administration Reform Commission

Recommending far-reaching reforms in tax administration, a government committee has suggested abolition of the post of Revenue Secretary, merger of CBDT and CBEC and broaden the use of Permanent Account Number (PAN).

The Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC), headed by Parthasarathi Shome, also said the retrospective amendments to tax laws should be avoided as a principle and Income Tax Return should also include wealth tax details.

The panel, which has submitted its first report to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, also pitched for a separate budget allocation to ensure time bound tax refund and a passbook scheme for TDS (Tax Deduction at Source).

"The post of revenue secretary should be abolished. The present functions of the Department of Revenue should be allocated to the two Boards (CBDT and CBEC). This would empower the tax departments to carry out their assigned responsibilities efficiently," the report said. ..

The tax administration, it added, needs to have greater functional and financial autonomy and independence from governmental structures, given their special needs.

It said, the revenue secretary, an IAS, is "likely to have little experience or background in tax administration at the national level and little familiarity with tax."

The 550-page report further said the two Boards must embark on "selective convergences immediately to achieve better tax governance, and, in next five years, move towards a unified management structure with a common Board for both direct and indirect taxes, called the Central Board of Direct and Indirect Taxes ".

On PAN, the report said it should be developed as a common business identification number (CBIN), to be used by other government departments also such as customs, central excise, service tax, DGFT and EPFO.

"Both central excise and service tax should be covered under a single registration as both the taxes are administered by the same department and cross utilisation of credit is permitted between central excise and service tax under the CENVAT credit rules," it said.

The panel further said it is also necessary to provide for de-registration, cancellation or surrender of registration numbers and PAN.

It said the approach to retrospective amendments has resulted in protracted disputes, apart from having deeply harmful effects on investment sentiment and the macro economy and recommended "retrospective amendment should be avoided as a principle.

The panel suggested IT returns should also include wealth tax return so that the taxpayer need not separately file wealth tax returns. These returns should also be processed together in the CPC at Bengaluru.

Besides, it called for a dedicated organisation for delivery of taxpayer services with customer focus and made a strong case for "pre-filled tax returns".

TARC also recommended that in line with international practice, a minimum of 10 per cent of the tax administration's budget must be spent on taxpayer services. At least 10 per cent of the budget should be alllocated and spent for ICT-based taxpayer services.

On tax refunds, the panel suggested it should be issued within a strict time frame.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Press Release about Government's plan to make six days a week working in the administrative offices of Central Government.

As per the press release of 14.06.2014 by Secretary (Staff Side), National Council (JCM) on the present whispering about reverting back to six days a week in place of the prevalent five days week working in the Administrative Office of the Central Government, It is stated that the issue was discussed by Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, Secretary Staff Side, National Council (JCM) and General Secretary, All India Railwaymen's Federation, with the Cabinet Secretary on 13th  June, 2014, and it was brought to his notice that five days a week working was introduced, way back in the year 1985 after prolonged deliberations at the National Council (JCM) level. Various aspects, including energy saving in the form of electricity and also Statutory Provision regarding working hours were kept in view.

After discussion, Cabinet Secretary assured to Secretary Staff Side NC / JCM, Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, that no such proposal is under consideration with the Government at present.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Resheduled Examination of Paper-IV - ITO Deptt. Exam 2014

The office of DIT(IT) issued a notification to re-conduct the examination of Paper-IV for Income Tax Officers Exam on 18.07.2014. The said exam was scheduled on 06.06.2014.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mumbai and Gujarat Region issued promotion orders of Income Tax Officers

As many as 237 Inspectors are promoted in Mumbai Region.

As regards to Gujarat Region, 56 inspectors (In Reviewed list) and 106 inspectors ( In supplementary list) are promoted to Income Tax Officers.