Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pr. CCIT, Bangalore issued promotion order and OM

Promotion order of 100 inspectors and 102 ITOs have been issued by Pr. CCIT, Bangalore. It is also learnt from the order that TA batch who joined the department in the year 2007 & 2008 and got promotion as Sr. TA in the year 2011 & 2012 also promoted as Inspectors of Income Tax. Prior to this, the same has been seen from the promotion order released by Delhi Region. This is very good sign of benefits of cadre restructuring.

A Office Memorandum to explain the way for fixation of seniority on the basis of NR Parmar case judgment has also been issued by Pr. CCIT, Bangalore. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Prime Minister may implement performance-based incentives schemes for central government employees.

Following its mantra of maximum governance and minimum government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may implement performance-based incentives schemes for central government employees.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) is slated to give a detailed presentation on Performance-Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS), which was recommended by Sixth Pay Commission and accepted by the UPA government, to the Prime Minister soon, officials said.

PRIS could not be implemented by the UPA government which had given its "in-principle" approval.

DoPT is likely to outline the salient features of the scheme aimed at improving governance in its presentation to Modi. "The detailed guidelines will be put in place after Prime Minister gives his go-ahead to it," a senior DoPT official said.

As per the draft guidelines framed during UPA's tenure, performance-related incentive will be payable taking into account the performance of the organisation and employees during the period under consideration.

There are about 50 lakh central government employees. "PRIS may prove to be a big game changer for improving governance and delivering maximum output. The Prime Minister may incorporate some new features," the official said.

The Prime Minister has already asked his Cabinet colleagues to set a 100-day agenda with focus on efficient governance, delivery and implementation of programmes.

Eligibility of officers to be considered for promotion by DPC- Fixing of Crucial Date

As per the new OM of DOPT published on 28th May, 2014 it has been decided that the crucial date of eligibility shall be 1St April of the vacancy year in case of financial year based vacancy year i.e. where the Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (APARs) are written financial year-wise. In case of calendar year based vacancy year, i.e. where APARs are written calendar year-wise, the crucial date of eligibility shall remain as 1st January of the vacancy year. These instructions shall come into force in respect of vacancy year 2015-16 (financial year) commencing from April 1, 2015 and vacancy year 2015 (calendar year) commencing from January 1, 2015 and shall, accordingly, be applicable to all such subsequent vacancy years.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Instruction by CBDT to conduct DPC for R.Y. 2013-14

Finally, CBDT broke the silence in respect of conducting DPC for the vacancies created due to implementation of cadre restructuring. Today, CBDT itself issued a instruction for conducting of DPCs for vacancy year 2013-14. The contents of the instruction is produced below which is self explanatory:

Subject: Instructions for conducting of DPCs for vacancy year 2013-14-reg.

Kindly refer to the subject mentioned above. DPCs are to be conducted for Group B & C grades (and also for the posts of Pr. Administrative Officer, which is a Group 'A' post) by the Pr. CCsIT for the vacancy year 2013-14. The DPCs have to take into account the increase in number of posts in these grades as a consequence of Cabinet approval in this regard. The notification of revised Recruitment Rules for these grades is currently under process. Also, new Recruitment Rules are to be notified for the Executive Assistant grade. All this is likely to take some more time and it would not be advisable for conduct of DPCs after notification of new/revised Recruitment Rules.

2. DoPT, vide their OM no. AB.14017/79/2006-Estt.(RR) dt.6.9.2007 has emphasised that as RRs are statutory in nature, they will not cease to operate unless they are repealed. The observations of the Supreme Court in UoI v. V. Ramakrishnan viz., "Draft Rules cannot form the basis of promotion. When rules to the contrary are holding the field' have been reproduced in this OM.

3. Accordingly, I am directed to request you to kindly conduct DPCs on basis of the existing Recruitment Rules for the respective grades.

4. For the 'Executive Assistant'(EA) grade, which has been approved to be created by merger of the grades of OS, Sr. 'TA', Steno Gr.l, the new Recruitment Rules for Executive Assistant cadre is also not yet notified. Therefore, I am directed to clarify that current Recruitment Rules for the grades of OS. Sr. TA & Steno Gr. I (which would merge into the single cadre of Executive Assistant upon notification of the Recruitment Rules for the latter) may be utilized by DPCs. In other words, DPCs for promotion of Sr.TA to OS, TA to Sr.TR & Steno Gr. II (erstwhile Steno Grade 111) to Steno Gr. I are to be conducted. For the limited purpose of quantifying vacancies for conducting DPCs, the number of posts notified for the EA grade may be further trifurcated in each CCA region among OS/Sr. TA/Steno Gr. I in the same ratio as the pre-restructuring number of sanctioned posts in these grades.

5. It is further clarified that as per the existing DoPT and CBDT instructions on inter-Region transfer for the purpose of reckoning prescribed years' regular service in the grade, the service rendered by an inter-region transferee in the old region shall not be counted in the new region which he has joined on such transfer, if the transfer is on the request of the officer concerned.

6. The Board has directed that a uniform date of 05.06.2014 has been fixed for issue of promotion Orders in all Pr.CCIT Regions. CCsIT are therefore requested to conduct DPCs prior to this date and to issue all promotion orders on 05.06.2014.

7. The above instructions will be applicable for vacancy year 2013-14. Separate instructions will be issued for vacancy year 2014-15.”

Monday, May 26, 2014

Is post of Income Tax Inspector is now Group 'B' Non Gazetted or It is a Mistake?

Surprisingly, Delhi Region in its recently issued promotion order from officials to Inspectors, mentioned "Non Gazetted Group ‘B’ – Promotion to the cadre of Inspectors" as its subject.

Now the question is whether the post of Inspectors came under Group ‘B’ or it was only a mistake? This is a common question whispering in the corridors of Income Tax Department. I am producing the first page of promotion order here.

As regards to promotion order issued by another region, i.e. Chandigarh region they mentioned "Gazetted Group 'C' - Promotion Order as
Inspector Income tax".

It is also informed that there is no news of New Recruitment Rules as it was expected to be issued today. Also, there is a deep silence on the side ITEF and ITGOA in the matter. 

Pr. CCIT, Delhi Region promted 234 ITIs to ITOs

Pr. CCIT, Delhi Region promoted 234 Income Tax Inspectors to Income Tax Officers. 

On promotion, the officers mentioned at serial no. 1 to 34 would report on duty to the office of Pro Chief Commissioner of Income-tax, New Delhi and would function as Officer on Special Duty, till further orders. The remaining officers mentioned at 35 to 234 are posted as ITO (OSD) on in-situ basis at their present place of posting till their formal posting orders and they will continue to discharge the function of the present post.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New RR may be issued on Monday?

New Recruitment Rules for ITIs is finalized and the notification in this regard may be issued on Monday or next week. It is also learnt that Stenographer quota and YOP seniority criteria have been removed. Also most of the officials who are not eligible for next promotion as on 01.01.2013 are curious about one time relaxation so that they can be promoted. As regards to recent promotion made by Delhi region, officials who were qualified ITI exam till December 2012 are considered for promotion for ITIs. Also in some of the regions, promotion order from ITIs to ITOs and officials to ITIs may be issued in next week. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Delhi region promoted to 194 inspectors

Pr. CCIT, Delhi Region promoted 194 officials to the cadre of Income Tax Inspectors. Out of 194 officials, 184 officials are promoted from Sr. TA Cadre which also includes 2006 batch of TAs.

Congratulation to all newly Promoted Inspectors.

Friday, May 23, 2014

IT Department News : OM on allotment rules for department pool accomodation

CBDT circulated a OM regarding allotment rules for department pool accommodation in the Income Tax Department.

The retention of Departmental Pool accommodation, upon transfer of an officer from one station to another, thus, will be governed as per the following norms:-  

Period (from date oftransfer)
Rent Proposed to be charged
First 2 months
As per Sub-Rule (2) of SR-317-P-12
Up to further 6 months
As per SR-317-P-21
Any further period
Finance Minister
As per SR-317-P-25
Penal/Market rent.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

33 Inspectors promoted to Income Tax Officers

Now, Orissa Region promoted 33 inspectors (28 for R.Y. 2013-14 & 5 for R.Y. 2014-15) to Income Tax Officers. ITian India congratulates all the newly promoted Income Tax Officers.

Some of the more regions may also issue promotion order in this week.

New Message of Chairperson, CBEC on Cadre Restructuring

The Chairperson, CBEC published a message regarding implementation of Cadre Restructuring. This message is in continuation of earlier message dated 12.05.2014.

Read the contents the message below

“Greetings to the officers and staff of the IC & CE. This message is in continuation of my earlier message dated 12.5.2014 [click here to view]. As I had mentioned the implementation of the CR has to be taken up in right earnest, but it will require patience and perseverance. I have got a number of communications urging that immediate DPCs be held as officers are retiring every month. There is a lot of anxiety as to how the CR is to be implemented. Through this message I would like to apprise to you all of the steps being taken at CBEC level and also reiterate to you those steps which are required to be taken by Cadre Controlling Authorities (CCAs).

You must have already gone through letter F.No. 8/B/106/HRD (M) / 2013 dated 28.11.2013 issued by DG (HRD) giving the details of the 6 committees which had been set up for implementation of the CR. The action to be taken now, flows from the work of those committees.

The steps to be taken are as follows:

I. Issue of notification defining the jurisdiction of the reorganised zones / Commissionerates / Directorates. Letters have already been issued to the CCs on 13.5.2014 to recheck and resubmit the notifications to be issued. These notifications are expected to be issued from the concerned wings of the CBEC by 23.5.2014. Sh. S.B. Singh, Member (CX) is monitoring this.

II. (a) Simultaneously, the notification regarding allocation of staff in the various grades for the revised formations have to be issued by AD-W section 'of CBEC. Member (P & V) is monitoring the timely issue of the notification on allocation of staff.

(b) On issue of notification for allocation of staff, all CCAs must work out the vacancy position, update rosters and inform the same within one week to Member (P & V) so that the number of fresh recruitments & category can be intimated to SSC. This is also monitored by Member (P & V).

III. Action for issue of notification for the amendments to various statutes based on revised designations has been undertaken by committee no. V. Some of the amendments are required to be introduced through Finance Bill since amendments to Act are involved. (Member (B) is monitoring the work of this committee). Other notifications are to be issued by Board. Member (B) would also examine the appropriate timelines for each.

IV. For all the new formations which are to come into existence, location codes have to be given. In addition there would be requirement for providing thin clients, infrastructure such as WAN / LAN etc. These matters are under the domain of Dte. of Systems and is being monitored by me.

V. Immediately after the issue of the notification mentioned in para I & II, infrastructure committee would be working out the requirements for additional space for the new formations and submit their infrastructure proposals (including Budget Requirement) after collecting and vetting the same. Member (CK) would be monitoring this.

VI. There are 2 other important activities. One is the conduct of DPCs for promotions to various grades in Group C and B by the CCAs.

(a) There are large number of cadres in group B 84 C. DPCs can be done in those cadres which do not require any change in RRs. Whereas in some other cases, new RP.s may have to be drafted or amendments may be required to the existing RRs. Member (P & V) would be intimating to the CCAs by 28.5.2014, the RRs in respect of those cadres where no change is required and for which DPCs can be held. This is necessary to ensure that DPCs are conducted in a coordinated manner across all the Zones.

(b) CCAs would recall that vide letter No. 8/B/106/HRD (HRM) / 2013 dated 13.2.2014 a format had been prescribed to enable monitoring of APARS by the CCAs. It had been desired that all folders be in readiness by 1.4.2014. However, reports received from the CCAs indicate that still considerable work is required in some of the zones. It is reiterated that unless folders are updated and all action such as finalization of representations, NRC, vigilance certificate, rosters, etc. are ready, the CCA will not be able to conduct the DPCs. Member (L & J) has been nominated to monitor the readiness of the CCAs for holding the DPC in Group B and C cadres. She would also monitor the conduct of DPCs across all the zones. Member (LBJ) shall take up this action immediately on receipt of the list of RRs cleared by the Member (PEN).

VII. In so far as the promotions of 2118 officers of Group B to Group A is concerned, the zone of consideration would involve the verification and updated status of around 10,000 APARS. Letter dated 23.11.2013 of the DG (HRD) indicates that sub committee no. I of the committee no 11 has been given the task of ensuring the readiness of the folders. Member (P & V) is reviewing the work of this committee. It will be the responsibility of every CCA to ensure that the APAR folders are complete and correct in all respects. CCAs may therefore contact the sub committee members to ensure that the folders in respect of group B officers belonging to their respective zones are complete and correct in all respects. Only thereafter, verification would be done by AD.II / JS (Admn.) before forwarding to UPSC. Further update on this shall be given after review. It is reiterated that unless the work of APAR verification is completed it would not be possible to move to UPSC for getting the date (s) for holding the DPC. You would all appreciate that DPC for 2118 officers is quite unprecedented, and one matter which will involve a lot of work for UPSC as well. Hence officers, staff & associations are requested to have patience, cooperate & assist the administration to the maximum so that this major activity can be carried out as smoothly & swiftly as possible.

(J.M. Shanti Sundharam)


Monday, May 19, 2014

CCIT(CCA), Hyderabad promoted 88 ITIs to ITOs

As expected one more region promoted ITIs to ITOs. Now CCIT(CCA), Hyderabad promoted 88 ITIs to ITOs.

As per the information available, some of other regions also preparing for DPC to promote the ITIs to ITOs on the vacancies created after additional posts allotted due to cadre restructuring. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chandigarh Region released Promoted Order of 128 ITIs with existing RRs

After the promotion from Income Tax Inspectors to Income Tax Officers, Chandigarh(NWR) Region also released promotion order to Income Tax Inspectors and became the first region which promoted ITIs due to cadre restructuring. It is pertinent to note here that DPC has been held following the existing Recruitment Rules. As per this order promotion made vide this DPC is provisional and is subject to any review DPC taking place for any contingency like number of vacancies, fixation of seniority, change in recruitment rules etc. and direction of any Court / CBDT / DOPT '.

“What was the hurry in releasing this promotion order?”  

Now this is question in every mind as the implementation of cadre restructuring should be done with new recruitment rules. Friends, here is the contents of reports of subcommittee that is sufficient to justify this question.

"As promotion to the post of Inspectors shall henceforth be only from Executive Assistants, the existing system of quotas in promotion for Ministerial Staff and Stenographers has become redundant and accordingly, has been done away with. For the same reason, for the existing provisions relating to quota for promotion on the basis of seniority and date of passing has been deleted." (View previous post in this regard)

As per the information available till date the above contents of the report of sub-committee is still not amended.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cadre Restructuring of CBEC: Notifications for jurisdiction and manpower will be issued in next week

The awaited notifications to notify the jurisdiction and manpower for re-organised Commissionerates/ organisations to implement CR-2013 are under process and will be issued in the next week. As per the information received, the Board has invited Association representatives on 19th May, 2014 to discuss mainly on issues of all India seniority and to remove regional disparity in promotion in our cadre.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whistleblowers Protection Act gets President's Nod

The Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2011 (No. 17 of 2014) has been received the Assent of the President of India on the 9th May 2014.

People who expose corruption in government or irregularities by public functionaries can now be free of any fear of victimisation. The Whistleblowers Protection Act, 2011, which provides a mechanism for protecting the identity of whistleblowers - a term given to people who expose corruption - got the assent of President Pranab Mukherjee on Friday. Gazettle notification of the Act was issued on Monday.

The Act also provides for a system to encourage people to disclose information about corruption or the willful misuse of power by public servants, including ministers.

As per the law, a person can make a public interest disclosure on corruption before a competent authority - which is at present the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). The government, by notification, can appoint any other body also for receiving such complaints about corruption, the Act says. The Act, however, lays down punishment of up to two years in prison and a fine of up to Rs 30,000 for false or frivolous complaints.

The Act says that every disclosure shall be made in good faith and the person making the disclosure shall provide a personal declaration stating that he reasonably believes that the information disclosed by him and the allegation contained therein is substantially true.

Disclosures can be made in writing or by email or email message in accordance with the procedure as may be prescribed and contain full particulars and be accompanied by supporting documents, or other material, the Act states.

However, no action shall be taken on a disclosure if it does not indicate the identity of the complainant or public servant or if "the identity of the complainant or public servant is found to be incorrect".

Information related to national security has been kept out of the purview of the Act. The Act is not applicable to Jammu and Kashmir, the armed forces and the Special Protection Group mandated to provide security to the Prime Minister and former prime ministers, among others.

The Whistleblowers Protection Bill was introduced on August 26, 2010. It was referred to a Parliamentary Standing Committee on September 16, 2010, which had given its report on June 9, 2011.

The Bill was passed by Lok Sabha on December 11, 2011 and by Rajya Sabha on February 21, 2014.

Earlier, the CVC was the designated agency to receive complaints from whistleblowers under the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer resolution (PIDPI) or whistleblowers' resolution.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) had directed all central government departments to designate a nodal officer in each ministry to look into complaints of corruption received from whistleblowers under PIDPI.

Source : Indian Express

Monday, May 12, 2014

Greetings of Chairperson of CBEC on approval of Cadre Restructuring

MS. JM SHANTI SUNDHARAM, Chairperson of Central Board of Excise and Customs, New Delhi has conveyed her greetings to the IC & CE family on approval of Cadre Restructuring by FM on 10.05.2014. The contents of the message is as under

"Greetings to the IC & CE family. It is my pleasure to inform you that implementation of the cadre restructuring of the department has been approved by the Hon'ble FM on 10.5.2014. Months of hard work and waiting have finally paid off. The cadre restructuring is late by 7 years, even so there is a cause for happiness as a large number of promotions in different grades can now take place.

However, we have no time to rest as the implementation of the CR requires focus and a lot of hard work.
It is in the interest of the department to have a committed and largely satisfied work force. Stagnation is one of the de-motivating factors in this regard. While CR resolves some of the issues leading to stagnation, it does not address some of the root causes of stagnation. For this we have to take other actions such as amending the RRs, raising the matter before the next Pay Commission etc. Addressing the root of the problem also takes clarity of mind, time, patience and persistence since other Ministries & agencies are involved. It also requires that we remain united at all times. We should be cautious that divisions & differences do not derail / side track the process of CR which is in the larger interest of the entire department. Just as a motivated work force is important, credibility of the higher bureaucracy in the department is also equally important and must not be undermined.
Promotions to Group B gazetted and lower posts are to be done by the CCA's. I hope that ACRs / rosters and vigilance clearances etc. are up to date. I urge all officers, staff and associations of the department to be united and face the challenges of implementation with patience, persistence and a spirit of cooperation. I again thank all of you for your support in carrying through this important work. "

Sd / - 12.5.2014
                                                      JM. Shanti Sundharam

Cadre Restructuring of CBEC: Merger of Inspector from Zonal to All India Cadre

As per the information received from sources that there is a meeting in Board office On 19 .05.14 only to discuss prospective merger of Inspector (Central Excise) cadre from Zonal to an all India cadre with all India seniority list.

Board has already given approval to this scheme in principle. No other issue will be discussed. It is also informed that Staff allocation has already been approved by FM on 10th May, 2014 and Board has issued Notification about creation of new establishment as approved by Cabinet.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Now Chandigarh Region promoted 102 ITIs to ITOs

After the Kanpur and Chennai Region, Chandigarh Region now promoted 102 Income Tax Inspectors to Income Tax Officers on the vacancy raised due to additional posts as allotted in Cadre Restructuring. 

You can also view the previous orders issued by Kanpur and Chennai Region as below

Now it is expected that some of other regions may also issued promotion order from ITIs to ITOs on next week inspiring with these three regions.

As ITEF through its message already conveyed that there is no need to wait for any instructions from the Board in the matter of promotion to the post of ITOs but it was need that promotion date (From ITIs to ITOs) of all the regions be same. For natural justice CBDT should issue uniform guidelines to fixing the seniority of these newly promoted ITOs.

Please put your valuable comments on the issue.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

CBEC News : FM approved notification for implementation of CR-2013

Congratulation to employees of CBEC!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally file for approval of the awaited notification for implementation of CR-2013 has been signed by the Finance Minister today at 11.00 am. Notification for posts and formations of Commissionerates and Directorates may be issued soon.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Message of ITEF on Promotion from ITI to ITO due to cadre restructuring

ITEF today issued a message on the issue of promotion from Income Tax Inspectors to Income Tax Officers on the additional posts created due to cadre restructuring. The contents of the message is as under:

“Dear Comrades, We have been trying to get instructions issued by the Board to have a common DPC Meeting date for Income Tax Officers promotion as in 2001. Before such instructions could be issued, the Pr. CCIT, Kanpur Region has held DPC meeting and effected promotion to the post of Income Tax Officers. No need to wait for any instructions from the Board in the matter of promotion to the post of ITOs. SG, ITEF.”

It is informed that after Kanpur, Pr. CCIT, Chennai also issued promotion order of 103 Inspectors promoted to ITO.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

ITGOA writes letter to board considering the issues for AGT 2014

ITGOA sent a letter to the Chairman submitting regarding the Annual General Transfer & Posting for Group-A cadres for the year 2014 which is likely to take place in this month. It is submitted that following issues may kindly be placed before placement committee for consideration:
1. The officers who have completed the cooling period of two years may be transferred back to their parent region as per the policy.
2. Period of 2(two) years shall be counted from the AGT on which officers were transferred out. However, in the case of officers posted through orders made other than the normal AGT orders, the joining till 30th.Sptember should be considered as full year.
3. All the cases of working spouse may be considered. for placing in their home region.
4. All the cases of child studying in 10th and 12`" standard may be considered.
5. All the cases of the officers retiring on superannuation within 3 years may be considered for placing in their home region.
6. The officers, who have not completed cooling period but have been transferred to a region much far away from their parent region, may be considered for placement in the neighbouring state.
7. All the officers who have completed 2(two) years in the Directorate at Delhi be considered for transfer.
8. All the request cases may be considered sympathetically in view of the grounds mentioned in transfer options.

7th CPC Questionnaire to Seek Views from all Stakeholders

The Seventh Central Pay Commission has been constituted by the Government on 28 February 2014 to examine various issues relating to emoluments' structure, retirement benefits and other service conditions of Central Government employees and to make recommendations on the changes required.

For facilitating the above task as mandated by the Commission's terms of reference a questionnaire has been designed to seek the considered views of all stakeholders. The questionnaire seeks responses on 42 queries grouped under 15 topics. The replies may please be framed in a concise manner, and for each query the length may be limited to the ceiling indicated against the query.

Members of the general public are invited to send their replies online. Organizations / individuals may indicate their names, mailing address, telephone and email as required in the next page, following which they would be directed to the questionnaire

This link shall remain active until 1700 hours of 15th June, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Annual General Transfer of IRS officers of CBDT & CBEC

It is reliably learnt that CBDT & CBEC has accelerated process of annual general transfers of Group-A IRS (IT)  and IRS(C & CE) officers. Reportedly, it would take place this week.

Posting of 1992 batch IRS (IT) officers to the rank of Commissioner is also expected to take place in a day or two.

CBI doesn't need government’s permission to probe senior bureaucrats: Supreme Court

India's apex court has ruled that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) does not need the government's permission to investigate senior bureaucrats in a judgement that is an important milestone in the country's fight against corruption-especially when seen in the background of the court's effort to enhance the autonomy of the federal investigation agency and the anti-corruption law enacted by Parliament last year.

A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice RM Lodha, declared Section 6-A of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act unconstitutional. Section 6-A said CBI needed government sanction for investigating officers at the level of joint secretary and above.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy, the main petitioner, termed the court order a "landmark judgement" for which he has "worked hard for 20 years". He also acknowledged the contribution of the amicus curiae (friend of the court) appointed by the court, Anil Divan.

The judgement runs into 71 pages and contains an in-depth analysis of why Section 6-A does not fit in with the constitutional mandate of Article 14 that promises "equality before law". 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Income Tax Department News : JCA Meeting of 04.05.2014 and decisions

The National JCA met as scheduled on 4th May 2014. The JCA meeting was held after a long gap i.e. after 28th July, 2013 meeting held at New Delhi. The meeting deliberated in detail the present situation on the issues of the JCA pending for long especially in the light of the nugatory and insensitive attitude of the CBDT authorities towards the just and legitimate demands of the personnel of the Department. The meeting, on the other side took note of the positive attitude and assurances laid out from the side of the Secretary (Revenue) in the meeting held on 28th April, 2014.

All the members were in unison that the situation of apathy on the part of the CBDT cannot brook anymore and it is time to embark on serious agitation under the united platform of JCA. It is also noted that the intervention of the Secretary (Revenue) and his assurances need to be taken note of and some more time should be given to the RS to respond and decided to seek one more meeting with the Secretary (Revenue) at the earliest . It was also decided to write a letter to the Secretary (Revenue) highlighting some of the issues already taken up with him through our Memorandum with a request for his immediate interference to avoid industrial disturbances in the Department. Accordingly we sought a meeting with the Secretary (Revenue) at the earliest vide our letter dated 05.04.2014.

i) Promotions to various cadres pending for more than a year and issuance of uniform instruction for implementing Supreme Court Order on inter-se-seniority.

ii) Filling up of posts of ACIT created in CR 2013 at one go and creation of commensurate posts in the cadre of AO / PS

iii) Fixation benefit on promotion and advance increment on passing Examination.

iv) Amendment to IRS Recruitment Rules & framing of Transfer Policy.

v) Reduction of existing strength on allocation of CR Posts.

vi) Approval of schemes sanctioned from 1% incentive scheme.

 The next meeting of the JCA will be held on 02.06.2014 at New Delhi. Necessary notice for the meeting alongwith agenda items will be issued shortly. The meeting further decided to draw the Charter of Demands and campaign amongst the members before embarking on any agitation.

VII-CPC related matters: The meeting decided to submit a joint memorandum to the VII-Central Pay Commission on the issues of the personnel of the Department. A committee with three members each from ITEF & ITGOA has been formed with the following members to prepare the draft memorandum.

Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Com. Ashok B Salunkhe and Com. K.P. Rajagopal from ITEF Com. Amitava Dey, Com. Arvind Trivedi and Com. J.B. Singh from ITGOA.

It was also decided to circulate the draft memorandum amongst the circles / units for their suggestions and views. After consideration of the same final report will be prepared and submitted to the VII-CPC within the stipulated time.