Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Agitation of ITEF, Delhi Circle Postponed

After announcement of agitational program on the matter of implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department, now the JCA Delhi has decided to withhold the agitation starting from 19.3.2014 till further information.
As per the information gathered, the Member (P & V), CBDT has called the ITEF, Delhi Circle to meet and discuss the matter on 18.3.2013. In the meeting she has intimated that official meeting with the Secretary (Revenue) has been fixed for 19.3.2014 and assured that the Board is making all out efforts to expedite the implementation of the Cadre Restructuring and requested to postpone the agitation till the outcome of the said presentation with the Revenue Secretary. It is also informed that the assurance given by the Member (P & V), CBDT is conveyed in writing to the ITEF, Delhi Circle through the office of the CCIT (CCA), New Delhi.


  1. Another joke! Let me intimate, how many assurances we have received from Board, regarding implementation of CR.
    The ITEF, Delhi Circle is suggested not to believe upon dilema of the Board and CHQ and continue the agitational programme as proposed.
    Moreover, it is also suggested to contact with other ITEF Cirlces also to carry on comprehensive agitational programme nationwide in all CCIT (CCA) circles.

  2. Yes, I agree with the comment. The reason for delaying implementation is not clear. It seems that the CBDT is indulged in conspiracy which effects the 95% employees of the department.

  3. The leaders proved themselves fool, once again !

  4. Let me intimate the outcome of the discussions held with Revenue Secretary in the matter of CR on 19.3.2014.
    The Board has approved the CR and sent to the FM through RS on 28.2.2014. However, the CR file has not been endorsed to the Hon'ble FM till date and is still pending with RS.
    The RS is going to retire this month and seems likewise the CBDT Chairperson, he would also take the decision on the very last day i.e. on the day of his retirement.
    But, the million dollar question is that- in the present Election time is Hon’ble FM would be available for disposal of such type of file?
    The Board has taken 10 months in finalization of the CR file, RS is taking its own time in finalization of CR file, therefore, in the given circumstances can you imagine that the FM would not take its own time for taking any decision?
    In the present election time, it seems very hard that the CR would be finalized?
    But, our representatives are ignoring such type of happenings and remain kept mum on finalization of CR.
    Hope, the new Government would finalize the same?

  5. Right saying bro!!!!! Actually it seems that all our unions and associations are not handling the matter properly. If admin does any thing in improper manner then it is the role of our association to work. Also I have no hesitation to say that our union has no spunk at all. from initial of the process, they failed to do any thing in the favour of employees. Also the working procedure of Mr. Rajgopal is under suspense.