Friday, February 28, 2014

Allocation for all regions and Directorates finalized : Chairperson

Today the retiring chairperson released her farewell message. She has stated the status of ongoing CR proposal. Read the relevant portion of retired chairperson as under :

"Dear friends, when I took over as the Chairperson of the Dept. in June,2013, one of the biggest challenges that faced the Dept. was to implement the new cadre restructuring whereby 20751 new posts at all levels were added to the department.

10% increment of DA approved by cabinet

Congratulation to all Central Government Employees.

As per the news published in various esteemed online daily, cabinet approved 10% increment in Dearness Allowances w.e.f. 01.01.2014 a few minutes ago.

However, there is still a question mark on merger of dearness allowance. Some media channels show the news about the approval of merger of Dearness allowance with basic pay but it is still not confirmed.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax : Secrtary General, ITGOA writes letter to CBDT

While the employees of Income Tax Department are waiting for finalization report of CR proposal, the new elected Secretary General of ITGOA writes letter to Chairperson, CBDT to hold the meeting of JCA before finalization of Cadre Restructuring final proposal. The full contents of the said letter is as under
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cadre Review will be finalized by tomorrow

Member (P) attended BGM and said that final report on Cadre Review will be finalized by 26/2/2014. He also said that DPC for ITO to ACIT for the RY 2013-14 is pending with UPSC and date is expected shortly.

Source :

Monday, February 24, 2014

Indefinite Strike immediately after election : Confederation

A mass dharna was conducted at Jantar Mantar (Parliament Street) New Delhi by Confedereation of Central Government Employees & Workers to protest against the negative attitude of Government towards the 15 point charter of demands of the Central Government Employees. Read the contents  of publication of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workersas below: 

1991-1992 batch IRS poised to be Commissioner of Income Tax soon

As the grapevine has it, 1991-1992 batch IRS (IT) officers are all set to be promoted to Commissioner Income Tax. The file had been awaiting for Fin Min's approval. It is expected at any point of time from now.

Friday, February 21, 2014

CR of IT : Meeting is continue till date

It is learnt from the reliable sources that the Chairperson and Member(P) met the leaders of ITEF yesterday and discussed the issue related to cadre restructuring proposal. The meeting will coninue till the end of final agreement. It is also learnt that if the issues are not resolved, the ITEF will be forced to revive the suspended agitation as decided earlier.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cabinet approved terms of reference for 7th CPC

In order to benefit over 50 lakh employees and over 30 lakh pensioners, the Cabinet approved terms of reference for seventh pay commission. This includes merging dearness allowance above 50 per cent with basic pay. Currently DA is around 90 per cent of basic pay and another hike of 10 per cent is expected soon. DA is calculated on the basis of change in retail inflation.

Source : The Hindu

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Government Employees to file separate property returns : Lokpal

As per the new Gazzete Notification issued by DOPT, all government employees have to file revised declaration, information or return of their liabilities and those of spouse and their dependent children as per the mandatory requirement under the Lokpal regime.

These declaration would be different from the existing such return being filed by the government employees under various service rules.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tech News : Control Your Computer With Android Phone

There is an application through which you can control your computer with your android phone. It becomes very easy to help your family members or your friends when you are not available with computer.

Yes, the application is Teamviewer. You can control your computer remotely by the help of this application. Sometimes we use TeamViewer to connect our computer and sometimes we use it to help someone who doesn’t heve so much knowledge about the computers.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

CR of Incocome Tax: Conclusion regarding allocation of posts next Week, ITEF's New Circular

As per the new circular issued by ITEF, Chairperson informed ITEF representatives that the discussion regarding allocation of posts is still not concluded and the same may be finalized in the next week. After the assurance of the Chairperson, the ongoing non cooperation movement is suspended for the time being. The full contents of the ITEF's Circular as under:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Press Statement of Confederation regarding strike

As per the report received at the Central Head Quarters of the Confederation, near about 13 lakhs Central Government Employees have commenced the two day strike from Midnight of 11th Feb. In 2014. For 48 hours. The Strike action will continue upto the midnight of 13th Feb. In 2014. The functioning of the Government in the Postal, Income tax, Civil Accounts, Ground water Board, Botanical Survey of India, and many other organisations have been totally paralysed as in these departments, the offices could not even be opened. In all other Departments of the Government of India viz. the Printing and Stationery, Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Atomic Energy Commission offices, Custom & Central Excise, Defence Accounts, Indian Bureau of Mines, Geological Survey of India, other Survey of India organisations and offices, Census, the work has been paralysed.

The strike action became necessary due to the refusal of the Government to finalise the terms of reference of the proposed 7th CPC, grant interim relief and merger of DA with pay, inclusion of Gramin Dak Sewaks within the purview of the Pay Commission and scrapping of NPS and the settlement of the 15 point charter of demands, The employees are agitated over the action of the Government in getting the PFRDA enacted in the Parliament with the support of the BJP which contains the provision to bring in the existing employees and pensioners also within its ambit.
During the last 5 years, Government had been outsourcing various functions to Contractors with the result presently about one third of the workforce of the Government of India is contract labours getting only a pittance of salary. Lakhs of posts in various Departments of the Government are presently vacant due to the ban on recruitment aggravating the unemployment situation in the country.

The Government has virtually closed down all channels of discussions with the employees by not convening the meetings of the JCM both at the National and Departmental levels. There had been no avenue for the employees to air their grievances and seek redressal. Even the awards of the Board of Arbitration which were in favour of employees were allowed to pend implementation for 15 years and are now being brought before the Parliament for rejection invoking the sovereign authority of the legislature.

The incessant rise in the prices of essential commodities has eroded the value of wages fixed in 2006 phenomenally. The price rise over the years between 2006 and 2014 is estimated to be three times, whereas the DA compensation presently is only 90%. It has become difficult for the employees especially at the lower levels to meet even the basic requirements of a family life. The agonising situation arising from the apathy of the Government has given rise to anger and desperation, which has been reflected in their total participation in the strike action.

The reports received from the States indicate that the strike was total in Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, 'Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, J & K, HP, Rajasthan, UP and more than 90% in the rest of the States.

The National Secretariat of the Confederation is scheduled to meet on 18th Feb. to review and assess the response of the Government. If the Government continues with its nugatory attitude, the Secretariat will be left with no other alternative but to call upon the employees to go for indefinite strike action before the general election is announced.

Source : confederation of Central Government Employees and workers

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last date for filing the acknowledgement extended for AY 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12

As per the new circular dated 10.02.2014, Central Board of Direct Taxes, in exercise of powers under section 119 (2) (a) of the Act, hereby further relaxes and extends the date for filing ITR -V Form for Assessment Years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 till 31.03.2014 for returns e-Filed with refund claims within the time allowed under section 139 of the Act. The taxpayer concerned may send a duly signed copy of ITR-'V' to the CPC by this date by speed post In such cases, Central Board of Direct Taxes also relaxes the time-frame of issuing the intimation as provided in second proviso to sub section (1) of Section 143 of the Act and directs that such returns shall be processed within a period of six months from end of the month in which ITR-V is received and the intimation of processing of such returns shall be sent to the assessee concerned as per laid down procedure. Provision of sub-section (2) of section 244A of the Act would apply while determining the interest on such refunds.

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Relaxation of number of attempts in Civil Service Examination

There is a good news for aspirants of Civil Service Examinations exams as Central Government has approved for 2 additional attempts for all categories of candidates w.e.f. Civil Services Examination 2014 with consequential age relaxation of maximum age for all categories of candidates.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

All-India security helpline number for passengers soon

With instances of molestation increasing on trains, the Indian Railways has decided to launch an all-India security helpline number for passengers soon.

The railways has informed the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways, which enquired into the security of women passengers in suburban trains, that the process of launching the four-digit number 1322 at a cost of Rs. 4.7 crore is on.
Although it will be managed by a professional call centre, complaints will be monitored by a DIG and four inspectors. They will be transmitted to the zones concerned for action.

The report noted an increase in the incidents of molestation of women on suburban trains. The committee chairman, T.R. Baalu, said during the members' visit to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal, Mumbai, women complained of unauthorised entry of male passengers in reserved compartments, molestation and harassment, and snatching of chains and handbags. The Railways claimed that 6,400 men had been prosecuted for entering ladies' compartments.

Source : The Hindu

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Waitlisted passengers will soon get status messages

Waitlisted passengers will soon get status messages in their mobile phones if their tickets get confirmed before journey.

A senior Railway Ministry official said the waitlisted passenger will get a SMS about the status of the ticket on the mobile phone number given at the time of ticket booking before the journey.

Currently, one has to either dial the enquiry number 139 or use the Internet to know the waitlisted ticket status. Others get to know the status of their tickets only after reaching stations.

Bank strike for 48 hours from Monday

About one lakh employees and officers of nationalised, private and foreign banks will take part in the all India two-day bank strike that would commence from 6 am on Monday.

The strike call is given by the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) representing nine unions. As a result commercial transactions, foreign exchange operations and clearing of cheques will take a big hit. There are possibilities of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) going dry in some of the commercial spots.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Raise in Retirement age to 65 years : Recommendation of parliamentary panel

As per the news published on some of the news papers, the retirement age may be raised to 65 years. A parliamentary panel has urged the Centre to raise the retirement age to 65 years, noting that growing lifespan was adding to the need for "productive ageing".

The recommendation for increase in retirement age comes with a reminder that senior citizens would form 12.4% of the total population in 2026 from 7.5% in 2001.

"The committee feels that with the increase in life expectancy and relatively better state of health of people, the government needs to look at continuity of employment up to 65 years," said the report of standing committee of Parliament on social justice and empowerment tabled on Friday.
It also recommended that government look at greater post-retirement opportunities for senior citizens and create greater financial support for the elderly by hiking the old age pension to Rs 1,000 per month from the present Rs 200 for those above 60 years and Rs 500 for those above 80 years.

While suggesting immediate redressal for the ageing population, the panel sought to train the government's focus on the 60-plus group by pointing out that its growing numbers would be a serious challenge in health and social care.

Specifically, it underlined that as per population projections, the 80-plus bloc, the most-vulnerable group, would see a sharper rise in numbers.

The urgency of parliamentarians towards senior citizens comes amid growing global realization that increasing lifespan is creating a new demographic bloc requiring state intervention.

Seeking government attention, the committee noted that senior citizens comprised 7.5% of the total population in 2001 but their share is likely to increase to 12.4% in 2026. Importantly, UN projections say while India's population will rise by 55% by 2050, that of 60-plus would increase by 326% and that of 80-plus would go up by 700%.

Source : Times of India

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Mr. R.K. Tiwari will be New Chairman, CBDT

Committee of Secretaries (CoS) has finally cleared RK Tiwari's name as the successor of Sudha Sharma, the present Chairperson of CBDT. Mr. R.K. Tiwari is a 1976 batch IRS officer, will be new Chairman of CBDT from March 1, 2014. Presently he is Member (Legislation & Compensation) CBDT.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tech News : How to identify fake accounts on Facebook

Social networking sites can now easily identify fake Accounts. An Israeli company has devised an application FakeOFF , which will help identify Facebook fake accounts .

This application claims that it will protect consumers from the fake users who accidentally become new friend on the world's largest social networking platform. The founder of FakeOFF Iliran Shacr stated that as per the recent data, it shows that out of 1.35 billion users in Facebook ten per cent of users are not authenticated. Millions of regular users also make their fake identity.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Prime Minister Approves Composition of 7th Central Pay Commission : PIB

The Finance Minister Shri P. Chidambaram has issued the following statement:

            “The Prime Minister has approved the composition of the 7th Central Pay Commission as follows:

1.         Shri Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur 
            (Retired Judge of the Supreme Court and Retired
            Chairman, Armed Forces Tribunal)

2.         Shri Vivek Rae                                                             -                          Member (Full Time)
            (Secretary, Petroleum & Natural Gas)

3.         Dr. Rathin Roy                                                                                               Member (Part Time)
            (Director, NIPFP)

4.         Smt. Meena Agarwal                                                                                     Secretary
            (OSD, Department of Expenditure,

            Ministry of Finance)”

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Good News for Central Government Employees : A Week of Expectation

This week is full of expectation for Central Government employees as there are many good news in favour of them.

First of all, Central Government may announce enhancement of 10% DA today.

It is also learnt that the government may announce formation of seventh pay commission for central government employees and pensioners within couple of days.
As per the news published in esteemed daily Dainik Bhaskar, Merger of DA may also be announced in this week. 

Last but not the least, the news for Income tax Employees that allocation of post due to cadre restructuring may also be announced in this week.

Best of Luck to all Central Government Employees.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

CR of IT Department : Allocation of posts on next week

Various issues of different regions regarding claim of discrimination at the time of allocation of posts by Sub-Committee No. 1 and Core Committee are examined and discussed by CBDT. It is learnt that CBDT may issue letter in respect of  allocation of posts on very next week. 

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